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Puertas de enlace para el lanzamiento del proyecto de crecimiento: Celebración Comunitaria

Submitted 10-03-2018 under NEWS

La ciudad de Grand Rapids llevo acabo este evento para resaltar el impacto económico de los inmigrantes que radican en Grand Rapids. La aportación económica de los inmigrantes es de 3.3 Billones de dólares en 2016..


Gateways for Growth celebration recognizes contributions of immigrants to West Michigan

Submitted 10-03-2018 under NEWS

The Gateways for Growth celebration recognized the contributions of immigrants and refugees to West Michigan.


Catalyst Radio: Rapidian Recap show highlights ArtPrize, news from cultural institutions

Submitted 09-28-2018 under NEWS

This month's Rapidian Recap show looks at offerings from local cultural organizations during ArtPrize and how to get involved with the storytelling platform.


Public kept from room at Kent County Board of Commissioners meeting

Submitted 09-27-2018 under NEWS

The Kent County Board of Commissioners held its monthly meeting today, Thursday, September 27, 2018 without anyone from the public in the room. Residents who come for public comment were instructed to sit in a room next door and watch the meeting on closed circuit tv.


Catalyst Radio: Mackenzie's Animal Sanctuary

Submitted 09-24-2018 under NEWS

General Manager of Mackenzie's Animal Sanctuary Autumn Russell discusses sheltering, services, and special events.


Faith, family, love for community fuels Williams' bid for GRPS school board

Submitted 09-21-2018 under NEWS

This self-described church girl from Missouri whose family relocated to Grand Rapids during her middle school years speaks directly and passionately when describing her love for the community and the community’s children.


People's Commission to end the ICE contract takes over Kent County Commission

Submitted 09-14-2018 under NEWS

On Thursday, September 13, 2018 community members took over the Kent County Commission Meeting to stage a "People’s Commission," which heard public comment and "voted" to end a controversial contract between the Kent County Jail and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.


Remembering Vudu - Victoria Upton 6/22/1955 - 9/5/2018

Submitted 09-12-2018 under NEWS

She was a fierce supporter of the arts, local business and social equity who impacted the lives of many in her community.


Catalyst Radio: Rapidian Recap show covers politics, art, community news in August while looking ahead to fall

Submitted 08-31-2018 under NEWS

Although fall is around the corner, August was a busy month in Grand Rapids. Catch up on the latest local news and happenings in The Rapidian Recap show.


GRPS board approves moving special education programs to Kent ISD

Submitted 08-07-2018 under NEWS

With a vote of 7 to 1, the Board of Education moved to transfer administration of the center-based special education programs to the Kent Intermediate School District on Monday, August 6, 2018.