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Beethoven's mighty Ninth Symphony, plus world premiere, bring Grand Rapids Symphony's season to thrilling conclusion

Submitted 05-22-2018 under OPINION

The final concert of the Grand Rapids Symphony's first full season under Marcelo Lehninger was all about Beethoven in a big, thrilling way.


Ethics and Religion Talk: What are your requirements for ordination?

Submitted 05-21-2018 under OPINION

Jim V. asks, What are your education and training requirements for ordination?


Going green in Grand Rapids: Properly disposing of your spring cleaning

Submitted 05-16-2018 under OPINION

When tackling your spring cleaning, it's important to keep the environment top of mind. Learn how to keep Grand Rapids clean when tackling your projects this spring.


Ethics and Religion Talk: How do we fairly allocate our charitable giving between local needs and others?

Submitted 05-14-2018 under OPINION

Linda B. asks, Do we forget those around us struggling in favor of “others” in foreign lands? With limited resources, how do we decide to allocate them — do we allocate those resources to those within our community or to those outside (including those outside our country)?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Guns, violence and pacifism, Part 2

Submitted 05-07-2018 under OPINION

Last week, R. Scot Miller shared a long-form essay on the topic of guns, violence and pacifism. This week, we share three responses.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Guns, violence and pacifism, Part 1

Submitted 04-30-2018 under OPINION

This week, we invite R. Scot Miller, an ordained minister of outreach and education at Common Spirit Church of the Brethren in Grand Rapids, to share a long-form essay on the topic of guns, violence, and pacifism.


Seven lessons of commuting to college from home

Submitted 04-25-2018 under OPINION

You don’t have to follow the expected path to create memories or be independent.


Grand Rapids Symphony conquers Carnegie Hall with exciting evening of music in New York City

Submitted 04-24-2018 under OPINION

New York City's Carnegie Hall saw its first appearance of the Grand Rapids Symphony under Music Director Marcelo Lehninger as well as its first in New York City in nearly 13 years


Ethics and Religion Talk: Holding leaders accountable without judgement

Submitted 04-23-2018 under OPINION

Karla H. wondered, How do we hold people accountable for the things they say and do without judging them? Specifically, how do we hold leaders accountable without judgment?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Must one confess past violations of sexual boundaries?

Submitted 04-16-2018 under OPINION

The Rev. Justo Gonzolez asked the Ethics and Religion Talk Panel, Given all the sexual ethics violations, do clergy have an ethical obligation to acknowledge anything that they might have done in the past that could be perceived as violating an inappropriate sexual boundary?