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Really Really Free Market Feb 5th



It takes repeating the word "Really" for people to understand that free means free when Occupy Grand Rapids opens it "Free Market" from time to time. On February 5th, they go indoors for the first time at FSC! Similar to freecycling and the Church's Free Garage Sale for Herkimer residents, the Really Really Free Market is a place where anyone can bring useful goods that they no longer need and/or take home things that they may find useful. All without charge!


Those wishing to donate items may bring them earlier that day or at opening time. The Church Social Hall will be set up to display items and both members of Occupy GR and FSC will be on-site to assist with sorting and/or organizing. This is not a charity event, but an organized way to do what people have always done. Most people have shared items like baby clothes, books, and kitchenware from time to time. Free Markets are a way to extend the informal sharing that has always been a part of our economy, but goes largely unnoticed.  Occupy GR has been active since October 2011 and has been "in residence" outside of FSC soon thereafter. In October they met with guest speaker, Jim Wallis, CEO of Sojourners Magazine, and Mayor George Heartwell. At Thanksgiving they held a joint dinner with FSC. They hosted a movie night in the Church in December and recently worked with the Duncan Littlefair Great Speakers Series to present David Cobb from The general community is invited to take part in the Really Really Free Market! For additional information, please contact FSC's Front Office at (616) 459-8386.

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