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Why Choose Technical Schools over Traditional 4-Year Degree Programs

Saturday, June 28, 2014

A study conducted by Harvard University, “Pathways to Prosperity” estimated that out of all the students who begin the path to obtaining a traditional college degree, nearly half of those students have not graduated within a 6 year time period. These discouraging statistics may make you want to reevaluate your reasoning for obtaining higher education. From the expensive costs of college and university tuition, to the years of coursework involved in getting a 4-year degree, college is not the best choice for everyone. Technical schools have been around for many years and offer further training and knowledge base in specific skill-based areas. After considering the following factors, you may find that choosing a technical training program is the best option to help you to pursue your life dreams and goals.

Industry Specific Training

One of the major benefits of attending a technical school over pursuing a traditional 4-year college program is the highly specific training you can receive in your vocation. College education is based on standards that require hours of study in general education courses and time consuming electives. Once these loopholes have been jumped through, you will still need to find the time to complete your program-specific classes. By taking technical coursework from a technical or vocational school, you can delve directly into your area of interest and gain the skills you will actually need in your specific field.

More Affordable

It is a well-known fact that the costs of college can be very expensive. The cost of tuition paid for with student loans can take some students a lifetime to payback. Technical or vocational training can be the key to gaining an affordable education. The skills learned in these courses are often straightforward and easily adapted into the real-world workplace.  The initial savings a student can find by pursuing vocational training verses traditional university study may be the key to starting-off a career on the right foot: debt free.

Shorter Course Timetable

For individuals hoping to make a fast transition into a new industry, gain further skills in an area of study, or become certified for a particular job market, technical school programs may allow you to complete your coursework more quickly. Rather than taking four or more years to gain a degree, many students pursue technical education to get certified quickly in high-demand job markets.

Scholarships and Financial Aid are Available

While some potential technical education students may think that they cannot afford this industry specific training, the truth is, premium tech schools have scholarship options available for financial assistance at schools offering technical training. Depending on your financial capabilities, you may be able to receive financial grants for schooling, academic or ethnic scholarships to help you afford the cost of schooling, or financial aid such as interest-free loans until after course completion. Even though the cost of attending a technical school are typically far less expensive than traditional four-year degree programs, there are still costs involved in obtaining this kind of vocational training. Talk to the financial aid department at the technical school you are interested in to see what kind of aid you qualify for.

There are many positive aspects to receiving technical training at a vocational institution. Perhaps this industry-specific training is just what you need to jump-start your education and future career. 

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