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Andy Angelo Press Club experiences art, music in downtown Grand Rapids

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Youth reporters visited Art.Downtown 2014 and attended the La Dispute concert at The Pyramid Scheme.
Andy Angelo Press Club members pose with La Dispute band members

Andy Angelo Press Club members pose with La Dispute band members /Lori Slager

The Andy Angelo Press Club is a program of the GR Creative Youth Center and Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities

Press Club members enjoy Propaganda Doughnuts' special 'Avenue for the Arts Doughnut'

Press Club members enjoy Propaganda Doughnuts' special 'Avenue for the Arts Doughnut' /Steffanie Rosalez

Students stand next to one of the pieces they enjoyed at Art.Dowtown

Students stand next to one of the pieces they enjoyed at Art.Dowtown /Steffanie Rosalez

The Andy Angelo Press Club attended Art.Downtown on April 11, 2014 and then later that weekend attended the La Dispute concert at the Pyramid Scheme. They got a chance to interview artists at Art.Downtown. and the band at The Pyramid Scheme. Here, some of them write about their experiences.


Edgar, age 11 on Art.Downtown.

On April 11, Press Club went on a field trip to Art.Downtown. The Press Club first saw a group of skateboarders sponsored by Premier. Noe from Press Club said, "They were awesome!” After that, the Press Club went to print some artwork on the shirt of a skateboarder for totally free. The artwork that almost everyone liked was three puzzle pieces put together with three different quotes by artist Loni Platte. The three quotes were "Think Different," "Hope," and "Live With Purpose." Another piece of art that everyone liked was a box of red food coloring mixed with water to show how the food coloring changes with light. The artist of that artwork said he wanted to do something that no one in ArtPrize thought of doing.

Edgar, Noe, and Daniel passed by some dancers and breakdanced with them. The drummers were cheering them on like it was a real performance! Because the three boys danced in front of a small crowd, our teacher, Ms. Steffanie, got them doughnuts. They all said together, "They were really good!"


Daniel, Age 10 on Art.Downtown.

The purpose of Art.Downtown. is to show artists' artwork and express their style and technique. Art.Downtown. has been around more than seven years. On April 11, 2014 Press Club went to Art.Downtown. to view a bunch of artwork. There was a skateboard park and a piece of art made by Loni Platte. Platte’s artwork had three different puzzle pieces with faces on them. Each puzzle piece had three different sentences: "Think Different,” "Hope,” and last but not least, "Live with purpose.” My favorite artwork was the floating 3D pyramids and cubes. I liked the floating 3D pyramids and cubes because they really pop up. If you went there, and it was your first time, you might have thought it was a building from the future. I liked one pyramid the most because it had blood color ink in it. After we viewed the paintings, we then interviewed the artist that made the artwork. He said he wanted to show his artwork with light and that he wanted to do something that nobody else thought of doing at Art. Downtown. He made it out of lightbulbs and wood cut into equivalent pieces. The last thing we did was pass by some drummers. When we heard the music we decided to breakdance. After that we went to buy doughnuts. Mmmmmm! Those doughnuts were so good! I got a hot cinnamon glaze doughnut. Finally, we left for home. Art.Downtown. was AWESOME.

Noe, Age 12 on Art.Downtown.

On April 11, Press Club went to Art.Downtown. When we got there we first saw the skateboarders; they were awesome. One of the skateboarders was a friend of Ms. Steffanie. After that, we went to see the artwork. The artwork looked nice, but my favorite one was a piece of art with three heads popping out.

My next favorite stop was when we went and saw a drummer and someone playing the guitar on the street. Edgar, Daniel, and I started breakdancing; it felt weird, but it was fun. We had a lot of fun there!

The other stop we made at Art.Downtown. was to see this guy that made these lights. The lights where awesome to look at and it took the artist a lot of work and, I think, a lot of money to make. We then went on the trolley. The trolley was a lot of fun and Edgar and I played a lot inside the trolley. The best stop out of all was when we went and got delicious doughnuts. We got lemon doughnuts and one cinnamon doughnut. Finally, we had to leave to go home.


Edgar, age 11 on La Dispute at the Pyramid Scheme

"Ringggggggggggggggg" is what I heard the night I came back from the La Dispute concert on April 13. The concert was at the Pyramid Scheme in Grand Rapids. During the concert, everyone in the crowd kept on moshing and crowd jumping. People got hurt, but they didn't seem to mind and kept on moshing. My legs started to hurt because I had been standing on the side of the stage. It was like my legs were burning, but I was having so much fun. All of the bands had great music, but it was really hard to hear the lyrics.

La Dispute said they have a great connection with each other on stage and they feel like they are connected like a family. The members of La Dispute are Jordan Dreyer the percussionist, Brad Vander Lugt on piano, Kevin Whittemore guitarist, Chad Sterenberg guitarist and Adam Vass guitarist. Press Club interviewed La Dispute and they gave us great answers to our questions. La Dispute gave the Press Club their new album "Rooms Of The House." Also, they gave each one of us a book about their album and a band shirt. There were more bands that played before La Dispute, including Mansions and Pianos Become The Teeth. Pianos Become The Teeth was louder than Mansions. A lot of people kept on crowd jumping and jumping up and down. They would still jump if they have gotten thrown on the ground. Finally, all of us left the Pyramid Scheme. When we left, I could still hear the music of all the bands in my head--very loud, but very clear. Everything was great except the ringing in my ears after the concert.


Antonio, age 13, on La Dispute at the Pyramid Scheme

On April 13, the Andy Angelo Press Club went on an exciting field trip for all its members. We went to see La Dispute, Pianos Become The Teeth, and last but not least, Mansions. This was my first concert, and honestly the best first concert ever.

The first opener was Mansions. They did an exceptional job. The drummer was on beat and the singer was on pitch. The second band was Pianos Become The Teeth. The lead singer did a great job screaming and I had to check them out when they finished their set. Last but not least was La Dispute. Everyone went crazy when they came out. Personally, my favorite song the band played was called "Said The King To The River." Everything about their set was amazing. Jordan Dreyer, the lead singer, was on pitch. The drummer was also on beat and the guitar players did an amazing job. Sadly, one of their lead guitarists was leaving the band. Dreyer, the lead singer, got on his knees and started to talk about how one of his brothers was leaving from the family and a moment of sadness filled up the ambiance of the venue; but the show had to go on. When La Dispute finished their set, I thought to myself “Wow, it's finally over.” When the Andy Angelo Press Club left the venue, all of our ears were ringing. Our legs were tired and our voices were lost in the screams of the concert, but it was a good feeling.

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