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Body, Mind, & Solstice event comes to Creston Heights 3/25/2023

The Body, Mind & Solstice event is a community event located in the Creston Neighborhood of Grand Rapids MI, focused on empowering people towards the goal of being more proactive in maintaining optimal health
3/25/2023 Open to the Public, Free Admission

3/25/2023 Open to the Public, Free Admission /Jewly Warren

Body, Mind & Solstice

Open to the public, free admission

Saturday 3/25/2023 12-5pm 1415 Plainfield Ave NE Grand Rapids MI 49505

for more info contact [email protected]


Body: From improving physical health through conscious decisions in our daily food choices, embracing a more physically active daily routine, or setting aside time to rest, rebuild, and reset from the demands of our daily lives, we have the opportunity to take responsibility for the overall health of our bodies. When we invest in our health through daily actions and choices we build a better foundation to handle the stresses and demands within our lives.


Mind: In doing our homework building a healthy body and lifestyle, we set up the foundation for a healthy mind. Through discovering opportunities around us to cope with stress and cultivate a wellness focused state of mind, or finding creative new forms of self-expression, we can actively build upon the body-mind connection. Promoting access to community mental health resources, and creative activities that enrich and educate people in their daily lives, are priorities that this event strives to promote.


Solstice: By taking care of the world around us, we are caretakers of our environment, our community, and ourselves. Whether its education about organic foods, recycling and utilizing sustainable materials, or conservation of our natural resources, community partners that highlight ways to incorporate functional sustainability practices into our daily lives bring value to this event.

The Body, Mind & Solstice event is a community event located in the Creston Neighborhood of Grand Rapids MI, showcasing a wide variety of experts, educators, and resources within our community that are focused on empowering people towards the goal of being more proactive in maintaining optimal health and functionality in their daily lives. 


Body, Mind & Solstice (Saturday 3/25/2023 12-5pm) is at the Hoxie Building (1415 Plainfield Ave NE Grand Rapids MI 49505), the home of 3 women owned, local businesses; Sisu Wellness, Believe Balance and Become, and Seed Sound Studios


The host of Body Mind & Solstice is Sisu Wellness, run by Jewly Warren LMT CFNC MCPCD, whose work focuses on helping people achieve and maintain their optimal health through functional massage therapy, functional nutrition counseling, prenatal wellness, birth instruction and doula services. At the event Jewly will speak on Functional Eating and her book, Smoothie Rx


In describing the aspirations of this event, Jewly said “The Body, Mind & Solstice mission is to help the community explore ways to cultivate a wellness mindset by incorporating sustainable changes in our daily lifestyles.”


She goes on to explain “In looking for community partners for this event, we are especially focused on experts, educators, and resources that support our mission in one or more of 3 broad lenses that make up the core of what our values are: Body, Mind, and Solstice.” 


Megan Hainer is the proprietor of Believe Balance and Become, a faith based wellness studio located in the Hoxie Building. “I started Believe Balance and Become to create a safe space for members of the community to come experience the benefits of Full Body Wellness. I focus on functional movement to create a stronger body as a whole. I teach functional yoga and strength training to bring balance and strength to the mind body connection.”

Megan will be conducting a pair of workshops focused on increasing range of motion and mobility in the upper and lower body for your day to day activities.

Hannah Laine is a singer, sound healer, and vocal empowerment coach, best known for her work in the Grand Rapids-based “future-soul” musical outfit, Earth Radio. In 2022, Hannah opened Seed Sound Studios for Vocal Empowerment Coaching, her studio is located in the Hoxie Building. Hannah draws upon her experiences to help empower others in bringing their voices into alignment with their goals and find an embodied voice within themselves.

Some of the other notable guests at Boby, Mind, & Solstice include:

Terri Spaulding is a local author, yoga instructor, and recovering perfectionist/control freak. She now teaches mind, body & spirit wellness and is on a mission to empower everyone to become the best version of themselves. Combining her natural abilities, the wisdom gained from life experience, and her positive perspective, she gently reminds us that we have all the answers we need within us. She will talk about her latest book,Soulistic Sisters You've Got the Power: 100 Affirmations and Timeless Nuggets of Wisdom, Inspiration, and Empowerment for Your Evolving Self


Linda L Harvey a Reiki Practitioner, Empath, and Tarot Reader.  My business is to help people, who seek me out, to heal. I will introduce myself and how I got to where I am today.  I will briefly discuss Reiki and how it can be beneficial. I will open it up for questions and to anyone wanting to receive a 15 min session on a donation basis.


Brianna Forbes of Urban Massage offers solutions to your daily stresses, acute, and chronic pain. We want to connect you with quality antidotes to provide optimal healing and support. Unlike spas, which predominantly promote relaxation through disconnection, we believe in re-connection and intentional outcome-based services to help minimize pain, relieve stress and restore motion. Brianna will be conducting two workshops, Self-Care Tools: Kinesio Taping for Runners, and Self-Massage Techniques for Carpal Tunnel


Dr. Kurt Lang from Vibrant Life Chiropractic will offer free assessments and lead a workshop and wellness talk in regards to neurologically-based chiropractic care for the whole family. “We believe healthy kids grow up to be healthy adults, and healthy families are stronger together. We are on a mission to serve the community with quality corrective and preventative chiropractic care using gentle techniques and measurable results.” 

Greg and Shelly Dunn from Blackbird Farms  “proudly and sustainably grow vegetables and flowers in ways that tend to the health of the people we serve and the land we steward". They will host an Introduction to Herb Gardening for people that have always wanted to grow herbs but don't know where to start. This presentation will provide you with the information and inspiration to grow your own herbs for cooking, crafts, and other purposes." 

North End Wellness Coalition works to foster a culture of individuals and families who learn and live fully; physically mentally, socially, and spiritually. The coalition collaborates with churches, businesses, non-profits, and neighbors to promote the wellness of the Creston and Belknap Neighborhoods. The North End Wellness Coalition is a team of 25 organizations that banded together to foster the health of the Creston and Belknap neighborhoods, and thrives on its passion for the health of individuals and our community.

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