5x5 Night

Start Garden planted

by (acknot)

Submitted 04-26-2012 under NEWS

You bring the seeds, we’ll supply the field and the water: that’s the premise behind Start Garden, Rick DeVos’s venture capital fund designed to turn Michigan, specifically Grand Rapids, into an “ecosystem that’s the...

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After 5x5 night: Steve Frazee ramps up "Cleaning with Kindness"

by (eschroeder)

Submitted 01-31-2012 under INNOVATION-SPOTLIGHT

5 people, 5 minutes, $5000. We hear a lot of reports about who has won 5x5 night each month, but what happens to those winners in the long term? Whose ideas are germinated by that cash injection and what triumphs or tribulations are faced in the...

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On 5x5 Night

by (thedaac)

Submitted 01-28-2011 under NONPROFITS

A lot of people have asked us recently about our thoughts on the newly announced 5x5 Night, and some of the similarities it shares with Sunday Soup. We are not sure how much of 5x5 Night is directly inspired by Sunday Soup, but - really - it doesn'...

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New Event To Generate Ideas and Prize Money

by (Roberta F. King)

Submitted 01-27-2011 under NEWS

ArtPrize founder Rick DeVos today announced 5x5 Night (pronounced “five by five”) a new event to be held the last Tuesday evening of each month in Grand Rapids. Five presenters will have five minutes each to sum up their ideas with five slides. Five...

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