Art Review

Loosely Bound exhibition consists of beautiful pieces backed by powerful concept

by (Gabi Brown)

Submitted 08-04-2015 under OPINION

"Loosely Bound," the current exhibit at (106) Gallery on South Division, quietly invites you in and ask for you to look closely. It is muted, it is minimal; but upon a closer look, it is strong and deliberate. The exhibit opened at (106)...

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Hideous delight of paint steals show in "Buying Friends" at UICA

by (kevinbuist)

Submitted 01-07-2015 under OPINION

There’s a collection of funny, grotesque, brilliant work on view at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (UICA) right now. Buying Friends: The Kortman Collection is on view through February 15. There’s also a collector’s talk...

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ArtPrize examined from a youth perspective

by (Andy Angelo Pre...)

Submitted 10-14-2014 under NONPROFITS

The Andy Angelo Press Club (AAPC) is a program of the GR Creative Youth Center and Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities. On Sunday, September 28 and Friday, October 3, the AAPC visited ArtPrize and each student wrote about what stood out to them...

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UICA exhibit "Chroma" changes perspectives on color

by (empichot)

Submitted 06-19-2013 under OPINION

After a hard day’s work, my brain was beginning to call it a night. I expected to look at some art that had a clear narrative and spoke to me loud and clear. I didn’t expect to discover that most of the narrative was going to be of my...

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Cabin Time 2: Bogus Lake is more than just an art show

by (yuengerr)

Submitted 06-25-2012 under OPINION

Upon walking in the door at 1111 Godfrey 4C, I was met with a face full of bugs. Not actual bugs, but little black pieces of plastic tied to what looked like fishing line. I didn’t know what they were at first, but I wasn’t exactly...

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[REVIEW] Opening night of "Beacons" at UICA

by (rcmason)

Submitted 01-15-2011 under OPINION

After days and nights of monotonous snow and slush, West Michiganders are ushered to the light that is “Beacons: An Exhibition of Luminous Art,” now showing at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts. The show is full of beauty and stillness with...

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