bike lanes

Major Taylor Cycling aims to improve physical, social and emotional health of youth

by (GRTV)

Submitted 11-02-2015 under NONPROFITS

Earlier this year, Sandra Bentley’s grandson was looking for an after-school biking club to join in Grand Rapids. “He couldn’t find one, so we decided to create our own!” says Bentley, Executive Director of Major Taylor...

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NPO Showcase: Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition

by (GRTV)

Submitted 10-22-2014 under NONPROFITS

This segment of NPO Showcase features the Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition, a nonprofit working to make improvements to the Grand Rapids metro area to increase healthy and safe bicycling opportunities. Tom Tilma, Executive Director of the...

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Bike lane repairs, maintenance delayed due to inclement weather

by (jwiegand08)

Submitted 03-24-2014 under NEWS

As the sun starts to peek through the clouds and spread its warmth on Grand Rapids, residents are taking to the streets with their bicycles. But with this year's uncommonly brutal winter and the deteriorating quality of city streets, it may be...

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Grant awarded to Grand Rapids to encourage bicycle safety

by (mariah_kat)

Submitted 07-30-2013 under NEWS

Through the Michigan Department of Transportation, a bike grant totaling over $631,000 will implement, evaluate, study and develop bicycle safety over a three-year period. Working with motorists and cyclists, the grant will work to engage both in...

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Build a better city

by (benwilkoliver)

Submitted 06-04-2013 under PLACE-MATTERS

Whether it’s organizing a block party, planting trees in your neighborhood or placing a bench in front of a bus stop, placemaking can be easy. We hope it can all intersect right here on The Rapidian with Place Matters. This page is your place...

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Grand Rapids will soon see another 26 miles of bike lanes

by (Matthew Knaack)

Submitted 08-29-2012 under NEWS

This week, Grand Rapids announced plans to add 26 miles of bike lanes across the city within the next year. This came alongside some long-term plans, too: officials want to add 17 miles of bike lanes each year until 2017, eventually giving...

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So this is Grand Rapids

by (kcaralis)

Submitted 12-12-2011 under OPINION

As I prepared to move to Grand Rapids a few months ago, I had little idea what to expect. While it’s true that I’d spent most of my life living in Michigan (Metro Detroit and then Ann Arbor), in the past few years I’d explored both...

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2011 Grand Rapids Bicycle Summit inspires community to be bicycle friendly

by (shannoncunningham)

Submitted 05-17-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

On Friday, May 6, over 200 attendees and 25 exhibitors found themselves assembling at GVSU’s Eberhard Center for the Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition’s (GGRBC) 2011 Bicycle Summit. With the tagline “Inspiration to Action,...

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