Black History Month

Community Updates: Friday, February 17

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 02-17-2023 under NEWS

Grand Rapidians Encouraged to Participate in Community Master Plan Process by Attending Upcoming "Launch Party" Events Next week, the City of Grand Rapids will be holding three public "launch party" events in each of the City's three wards. These...

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Community Updates: Friday, February 3

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 02-03-2023 under NEWS

Grand Rapids Public Museum to Display Tuskegee Slides, Highlight Existing Exhibits and Programs in Celebration of Black History Month  On Monday, the Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM) sent out a press release to announce that it...

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Community Updates: Friday, January 20

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 01-20-2023 under NEWS

Grand Rapids Public Library Announces Lineup of Upcoming Events Celebrating Black History Month The Grand Rapids Public Library has announced that it will be hosting a lineup of events throughout the month of February in honor of Black History Month...

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Community updates: Thursday, Feb. 4

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 02-04-2021 under NEWS

Local museums, library celebrating Black History Month with online events Helping Grand Rapidians celebrate this year’s Black History Month, two local museums and the Grand Rapids Public Library (GRPL) are hosting related events throughout the...

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Taste of Soul Sunday to celebrate African American history, culture

by (wayjulie)

Submitted 02-14-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

On the third Sunday of every February, a long line of people gathers outside of the downtown Main Branch of the Grand Rapids Public Library. At exactly 1 p.m., the doors open and people of all ages stream through the doors. The smells of delicious,...

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GRAAMA to sponsor Ali exhibit, local oral histories for Black History Month

by (arcarpenter)

Submitted 02-02-2017 under NEWS

There’s a new option for West Michigan residents who want to immerse themselves in local history and culture this February. The recently opened Grand Rapids African-American Museum and Archives (GRAAMA) is hitting its stride in providing...

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Taste of Soul Sunday – 10th Anniversary

by (grpl)

Submitted 12-16-2014 under

Join us as we celebrate African American history and culture at the tenth annual Taste of Soul Sunday. Sample African American art, music, literature, history, and food. Free and open to the public. Call 616-988-5400 or visit

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Taste of Soul Sunday gears up to celebrate African-American history

by (jeneanz)

Submitted 02-11-2014 under NEWS

The ninth annual Taste of Soul Sunday will be held on Sunday, February 16 at the Grand Rapids Public Library Main Branch from 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. to celebrate African-American history. Attendees will sample African-American art, music, history and...

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"Black and Blue" documentary premieres in Grand Rapids

by (Jordan Jessen)

Submitted 02-07-2012 under NEWS

"Bringing this documentary to Grand Rapids is really going to make a big impact. It's like a movie on Henry Ford going to Dearborn. This really is an awesome opportunity," says Brian Kruger, producer of "Black and Blue." On...

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Angela Davis: Frameworks for Social Justice

by (Ken Tamke)

Submitted 02-12-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

She speaks with the same passion and power that she had when I heard her in the late 60’s.  Today, Angela Davis displays the wisdom and eloquence of speech that she’s achieved through a lifetime of fighting oppression. Appearing Wednesday...

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