Black Lives Matter

Passing the Mic: East Hills Council of Neighbors answers, "What are you finding people saying about Black Lives Matter and reallocation or defunding of police?"

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 09-20-2020 under VOICES

Fran Dalton, neighborhood organizer at Garfield Park Neighborhoods Association, asks Grand Rapids' neighborhood associations: "In this recent environment with Black Lives Matter and the trend to looking at reallocation or defunding of...

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Can You Find Hope in a Small Town?

by (Phoebe Risk)

Submitted 07-02-2020 under OPINION

I hate small towns. I understand that’s not a great place to start, given my audience, but it’s important for me to be real. When I moved here for college I expected my stint to be temporary and unattached. Allendale represented...

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A personal confession: I am a racist

by (Kaufman Interfa...)

Submitted 06-26-2020 under NONPROFITS

by Doug Kindschi, Director, Kaufman Interfaith Institute As a child I had very positive contacts with African Americans, never recall telling a racist joke or using the “n-word.”  As an adult I have tried to support equality for all...

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Faith communities call for racial justice: A Jewish reflection

by (Kaufman Interfa...)

Submitted 06-19-2020 under NONPROFITS

Note from Douglas Kindschi, Director Faith communities from Minneapolis to Washington to the Vatican have joined the chorus responding to the protests with calls for racial justice.  Evangelical responses in Minneapolis included helping in...

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Reflections on Violence: A Letter from Grandville Avenue Arts and Humanity's CEO

by (GAAH)

Submitted 06-04-2020 under NONPROFITS

Dear fellow community members:  The events happening across our nation and in our very own city have spurred many conversations about race, violence, and morality. Many people are condemning or condoning the actions of groups that gathered and...

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Community updates: Monday, June 1

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 06-01-2020 under NEWS

Peaceful protests of George Floyd death return before Grand Rapids curfew "I hear you. I've been hearing you. Black lives matter," Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Payne told protesters hours before the city’s curfew kicked back in...

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Protest, riots, clean-up, and curfew: City of Grand Rapids enacts civil emergency proclamation

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 05-31-2020 under NEWS

Civil Emergency Proclamation Following a night of civil unrest and extensive property damage in downtown Grand Rapids, City officials held a press conference on Sunday afternoon to recap the events that occurred overnight, and plans for proceeding...

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ACLU to host community discussion of criminal justice reform

by (amanda_a_sterling)

Submitted 06-19-2018 under NEWS

Questions about the relationship between police, prosecutors, and citizens continue to dominate the American consciousness. The United States has roughly 2.2 million people behind bars – one quarter of the world’s total prison population...

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Is your love strong enough?

by (Briana)

Submitted 11-11-2016 under OPINION

“Justice is what love looks like in public”-Dr. Cornel West "Love implies anger; a man who is angered by nothing, loves nothing." -Anonymous. On Tuesday night, White supremacy reared its ugly face but powerful hand and elected...

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Student behind viral photo offers solutions during GVSU visit

by (fleuryj)

Submitted 10-06-2016 under NEWS

Leighton Watson, a 2014 graduate of the historically-black undergraduate college Howard University, is a West Michigan native who served as an advisor on President Obama’s Taskforce on 21st Century Policing during the Ferguson crisis. He...

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