The price of liberty: Bugan's "Burying the Typewriter"

by (David Cope)

Submitted 07-10-2012 under OPINION

As a writer and citizen of the world, Carmen Bugan has many roles. The Grand Rapids-based poet is a Romanian expatriate, eldest child of Ion and Mioara Bugan and chronicler of her father’s heroic stand against the tyrannical Ceauşescu regime...

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New Book Brings Lambert Zuidervaart Back to Grand Rapids

by (Roberta F. King)

Submitted 03-10-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

More than 20 years ago, Lambert Zuidervaart began developing an idea for a book. His idea had the working title, Cultural Politics and Artistic Truth. But even for the accomplished arts philosopher, professor and author, the subject was much more...

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Don't be a stranger

by (grdominicans)

Submitted 09-29-2010 under NONPROFITS

Mary Navarre --  Dominican Sisters ~ Grand Rapids In the movie "Eat, Pray, Love", Elizabeth Gilbert describes her first attempt at prayer something like this: “Hello God, how are you? I’m Liz. It’s nice to meet you. I’...

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Interview: Chatting with the organizers of The Litribune

by (kbauer)

Submitted 12-03-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

After seeing and hearing about The Litribune at Literary Life's National Bookstore Day, I decided to dig a little deeper and find out what the founder/organizer, Benjamin Davey, and the relations manager/organizer, Dan Climie, are really all about....

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Critic Jessica Hopper To Speak About Youth, Feminism In Rock

by (George)

Submitted 12-01-2009 under NEWS

Noted author and cultural critic, Jessica Hopper, will make two stops in Grand Rapids tomorrow afternoon in support of her book The Girls' Guide To Rocking. The first, "Feminist Perspective and Music Criticism," will be presented at Spoelhof Atrium...

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Sarah Palin Book Signing

by (nickmanes)

Submitted 11-19-2009 under NEWS

Article by Nick Manes, Photo slideshow by Jon Clay Whether or not one-time Alaska Governor and 2008 Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin decides to run for President in 2012 is still anyone's guess.  But one thing is for sure....

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