ArtPrize voting heads into Round 2 with 20 public vote finalists

by (Holly)

Submitted 10-05-2014 under NEWS

As the public and juried voting tracks run parallel this year, Round 2 of public voting has shifted significantly as well. Now that the top 20 works (five for each category of 2-D, 3-D, Installation and Time-Based) have been revealed, it's time...

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Why time based art takes time: Categorical distinctions of criteria for ArtPrize 2014

by (Micah Silver)

Submitted 10-03-2014 under OPINION

We talk about activities as if some of them take time and others don’t, yet we know that we experience everything as having a duration, whether we savor and put it to memory or not. Whether we are dreaming and time is of a different form,...

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Why we do what we do: categorization on The Rapidian

by (George)

Submitted 10-06-2011 under OPINION

It’s been over two weeks since The Rapidian relaunched, high time we start talking about what we did and why we did it. This is the first part in a brief series of recaps detailing recent technical changes on The Rapidian, both behind the...

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