GRCC Men's Basketball Looks to Bounce Back After 3-3 Start

by (Justin Mills)

Submitted 11-15-2023 under LOCAL LIFE

The Grand Rapids Community College men's basketball team, led by second-year head coach Joe Fox, is back on the courts this season with a 3-3 start.  With challenging games ahead in the coming weeks, the team aims to capitalize on the...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: Should racist comments by teenagers affect their adult lives?

by (Rabbi David J.B...)

Submitted 02-07-2022 under OPINION

Imam Kip Curnutt, Director of Religious Education and Associate Imam of Masjid At-Tawheed in Grand Rapids, responds: “I think this issue boils down to how we deal with moral responsibility and forgiveness. In Islam, as soon as someone reaches...

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Community updates: Thursday, Dec. 3

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 12-03-2020 under NEWS

Kent County launches #KCTakeoutChallenge to support local restaurants Kent County launched a social media campaign on Thursday to support local restuarants dealing with pandemic-related strains. Called the #KCTakeoutChallenge, the campaign...

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Community updates: Thursday, Sept. 17

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 09-17-2020 under NEWS

Kent County Health Department urges COVID-19 caution among students as college-tied outbreaks emerge With colleges in and around Kent County reporting COVID-19 outbreaks among students and staff, the Kent County Health Department (KCHD) is urging...

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Getting the support he needs at Veterans Upward Bound

by (gvsuveterans)

Submitted 04-02-2019 under NONPROFITS

Orlando Santiago needed all the support he could get when he transferred from Muskegon Community College to Grand Valley State University (GVSU). Orlando joined Veterans Upward Bound (VUB) in September 2018, and the staff helped him with the...

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GVSU student shares story of mental health to raise awareness

by (lucas_saye)

Submitted 12-19-2018 under LOCAL LIFE

What happens when a lifetime’s worth of tragedy is forced into that of a 22-year-old?  I interviewed a Grand Valley State University student who wishes to remain anonymous and to only be referred to with the pronouns she/her. To...

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First Generation Student: College life

by (Writers Alley)

Submitted 09-12-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

I grew up in a small town. Our claim to fame was that we were the only town in the USA that had a pig farm in its downtown. My dad dropped out of high school to join the Navy, and my mom was a first generation English speaker. She took college...

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We need to understand the challenges first generation students face

by (kavila)

Submitted 08-29-2017 under OPINION

My mother is a Nurse Tech, my father an immigrant. My grandparents were farmers who spent their lives in the segregated south. From childhood, the importance of higher education was emphasized. Going to college was an expectation. I certainly would...

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My road to getting through college, a 32-year personal journey

by (lemmon)

Submitted 08-22-2017 under PLACE-MATTERS

College?! We never talked about it in my family -- we didn’t have to. My father owned his own business as did my grandfather, and our family didn’t “waste time” on college. We were self-made, and my future was the family...

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On being a first generation college student

by (mariahcaitlin)

Submitted 07-25-2017 under PLACE-MATTERS

I remember sitting in the admissions office sobbing and signing my exit paperwork at Aquinas College, the top forty radio playing and looking at the happy photos of students and wondering why that couldn’t be me. Being a first generation...

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