Community Updates: Friday, December 9

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 12-09-2022 under NEWS

New Changes Coming to the Grand Rapids City Commission Schedule Next Year On Wednesday, December 7, the City of Grand Rapids sent out a press release to announce that the Grand Rapids City Commission will be making changes to its upcoming 2023...

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City searches for qualified Comptroller

by (Kschmitty)

Submitted 04-03-2013 under NEWS

In December of 2012, Donijo Dejonge resigned as the City Comptroller after voters denied her proposal that would change the elected position to a hired one. Since then, the city has been looking to fill the position for the new term. Last week the...

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Mayor answers citizen questions, discusses search for Comptroller position

by (Holly)

Submitted 03-29-2013 under NONPROFITS

Got a question for Mayor Heartwell? Ask it every month on City Connection! Every month, local citizens have an opportunity to interact with Grand Rapid's most prominent elected official. This Monday evening at 5:00, Mayor Heartwell answered...

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City Comptroller proposes eliminating elected position: her own

by (jon_dunn)

Submitted 06-15-2012 under NEWS

Last year, City Comptroller Donijo Robbins DeJonge asked for a pay cut for her elected position. She believed that the allotted $72,000 was far too much for what she felt was a part-time job and asked for the salary to be cut in half. Now Robbins...

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