New Businesses, New Talent for Art.Downtown. 2014

by (DwellingPlaceCo...)

Submitted 03-11-2014 under NONPROFITS

Within the past few years, downtown Grand Rapids has continued to grow. New apartment buildings, galleries, businesses and shops have sprung up in the downtown area, particularly South of Fulton Street in the Heartside District, offering unique and...

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How to help the good guys win

by (pelz)

Submitted 09-28-2011 under OPINION

Today is the last day to cast wide your votes. Until today I was a staunch non-voter for several reasons. I believe that art is intrinsically awarding on its own, both for the maker and the viewer. I worry about mass appeal. But ArtPrize wants...

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The Role of a Curator in ArtPrize 2010

by (mslager)

Submitted 12-07-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

ArtPrize 2010 should award the "Best Curation of an Unconventional Art Space." This past year, I would have voted for Holly Bechiri as its first recipient for her curatorial work at 45 Ottawa. Holly is an artist...

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