DeVos Children's Hospital


by (Roberta F. King)

Submitted 02-27-2011 under VOICES

Five years ago I became fearless. Things scare me and I get anxious, but the fear of not being able to handle any situation I might encounter has completely gone away. I was freed from fear when our 17 year-old son, Noah, died on Feb. 27, 2006...

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DSAWM observes National Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October

by (DSAWM)

Submitted 10-13-2010 under NONPROFITS

This October, the Down Syndrome Association of West Michigan (DSAWM) in conjunction with the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) invites the community to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness Month in recognition of the many achievements and abilities...

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Humane Passing: Hospice of Michigan Marks 30 Years of Service; "Ace of Cakes" Presenting Special Cake

by (LCirivello)

Submitted 07-29-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

Despite the fact that every person on earth will eventually die, Americans still have a long way to go to openly consider the subject of humane death. So suggests Dr. James B. Fahner, Chief Pediatric Oncologist at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and...

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No Worker Left Behind; One Rapidian's experiences

by (scott warren)

Submitted 01-11-2010 under OPINION

Over the last several years I have basically skated through life and my career never worrying about the incomplete degree that I knew I shouldn't be neglecting. Now, I have found myself in the unenviable position of having to jump back into the...

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