Building city vibrancy

by (krislarson)

Submitted 04-22-2014 under PLACE-MATTERS

Written by Kristopher Larson, AICP Great cities can be experienced in many different ways. Upon approach, we can be visually awed at the sheer stature and silence of a skyline. Buildings stand proudly, lights twinkling, their silhouettes combining...

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How accessories can shape the look of your downtown

by (DowntownGR)

Submitted 03-04-2014 under PLACE-MATTERS

Written by Kristopher Larson, AICP For all that differentiates cities, there is much more that makes them similar.  The secret ingredient to building a city isn’t gleaming skyscrapers, vibrant sidewalks or screeching subways: it’s...

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Story Matters: Kimberly VanDriel shares what convinced her to move back to Grand Rapids

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 12-16-2013 under NONPROFITS

We build community when we share our stories - whether they be a memory, an experience or just simply telling what we think is great about this place. STORY MATTERS. is a story collecting project from The Rapidian and GRTV. Kimberly VanDriel...

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Ideas work here: starting big conversations in city planning

by (DowntownGR)

Submitted 11-26-2013 under PLACE-MATTERS

Written by Kristopher Larson, AICP Civic involvement knows many forms. On a daily basis, citizens choose whether to help shape their local laws and regulations by coloring completely the ovals adjacent to their preferred political representative,...

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Get your Goonie on at Ah-Nab-Awen

by (erictank)

Submitted 10-15-2013 under NEWS

Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. will be screening its third movie this season at Ah-Nab-Awen Park on Friday, October 18. The Goonies is a family friendly 80's classic about a group of Oregon kids who go on adventure seeking pirate treasure while...

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There goes the fear

by (DowntownGR)

Submitted 10-08-2013 under PLACE-MATTERS

Written by Kris Larson Downtowns across the country, including Grand Rapids, have seen a remarkable resurgence of investment and utilization over the past 20 years. National trends in population growth have since confirmed that urban areas are now...

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