Wholesale food hub makes local ingredients more accessible to restaurants

by (caithoop)

Submitted 10-23-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

Michigan is an agricultural mecca, with farms and orchards populating the fields of West Michigan. According to the Farm Bureau, Michigan is the second most agriculturally diverse in the United States. Year round, Grand Rapids chefs have a diverse...

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In Season: January 11, 2014

by (FultonStMarket)

Submitted 01-08-2014 under NONPROFITS

Currently Available: Apples Carrots Cabbage Squash Kale Daikon Radish Lettuce Greens Micro Greens Potatoes Turnips Beets Celery Root Parsnips Onions Garlic Leeks Winter Squash Pie Pumpkins Chicken Milk Beef Lamp Pork Eggs (chicken) Cheese Dried...

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In Season: December 7, 2013

by (FultonStMarket)

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Just In at the Market: Wreaths & Garland Egg Nog Christmas Trees Get it Before It's Gone: Chestnuts Currently at the Market: Brussel Sprouts Turnips Sweet PotatoesWinter SquashPie...

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