film review

"Man of Steel" soars

by (OmarJTodd)

Submitted 06-17-2013 under OPINION

I admit I was nervous walking into Zack Snyder’s "Man of Steel." Having seen the schizophrenic nightmare that was "Sucker Punch" and hearing the rumors buzzing around the internet, it didn’t fill me with high hopes....

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"Room 237" and "The Shining" screening at UICA

by (annogus)

Submitted 04-30-2013 under OPINION

At 3:00 a.m., I bolted upright in a cold sweat. Jack Torrance’s frozen face swam before my eyes. The sight of my body pillow made me jump, and I poked at it cautiously to make sure it was more pillow than body. Oh, the logic of dreams. Two...

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"The We and the I" lacks Gondry's unique visual flair at UICA

by (Renato)

Submitted 04-25-2013 under OPINION

I really wanted to like “The We and the I.” Prior to watching the film, I knew Michel Gondry directed and co-wrote it, so my hopes were sky-high. Gondry is must-see cinema. He has created some of the most visually interesting, creative...

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