Foreign Policy

Noted sanctions expert from Columbia University to discuss "Eye on Iran" in Grand Rapids

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Submitted 10-25-2016 under NONPROFITS

During the first Presidential Debate on September 26, the widely discussed Iran Nuclear Deal was brought up and received negative criticism from Presidential candidate Donald Trump, as he stated it was “one of the worst deals ever made by any...

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"Eye on Iran: Assessing the Nuclear Deal; Saudi Arabian Conflict; and U.S. Relations"

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With sectarian rhetoric that continues to divide the region, proxy wars between Iran and Saudi Arabia intensifying, and the uncertain effects of the nuclear deal on U.S.-Iranian relations one year after its implementation, it is clear that American...

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Great Decisions Series continues to bring international experts to Grand Rapids to discuss foreign affairs

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Submitted 03-10-2016 under NONPROFITS

Is the United States and our neck of the woods, Grand Rapids, a welcoming place? Rhetoric within national election coverage as well as ongoing concerns over refugee placement nationwide certainly suggest a debate on how welcoming we should be. How...

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Germany Rising: local scholar presents on Germany’s economic turn around

by (jeffcrafter)

Submitted 02-28-2011 under NEWS

The World Affairs Council of West Michigan and several local academic institutions hosted the third Great Decisions Foreign Policy Lecture Series last Monday evening at Aquinas College’s Fine Arts Center. The lecture was presented by Dr....

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GRIID Spring Classes

by (nickmanes)

Submitted 03-19-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

For the last several years, GRIID (Grand Rapids Institute For Information and Democracy) has been one of the only organizations in Grand Rapids attempting to do any kind of local media monitoring or present news from a radical perspective. They...

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