Frederick Meijer Gardens

ZZ Top Energized Crowd At Meijer Gardens

by (John Kissane)

Submitted 07-08-2022 under OPINION

Benjamin Dakota Rogers, who opened for ZZ Top at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park on Thursday, July 7th, might have stepped out of a sepia-toned postcard from Appalachia. He wore old-fashioned clothing, had tuned his guitar like a fiddle...

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Butterflies are blooming this spring at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

by (jproth1)

Submitted 03-20-2018 under LOCAL LIFE

The butterflies are blooming this spring at the Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. With over 50 species of butterflies from Asia, Africa and Central and South America hundreds of butterflies can be seen daily taking flight around the...

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Tegan and Sara bring Grand Rapids community together to create safe space

by (brittany.devon)

Submitted 08-18-2017 under LOCAL LIFE

On August 17, 2017, the amphitheater at Frederik Meijer Gardens filled up with fans of all ages. Everyone came together to sing along to the well known lyrics of Tegan and Sara. The show was opened by AOK, a Grand Rapids duo that features pop...

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Umphrey's McGee unleashes sensory thunderstorm at Meijer Gardens

by (yuengerr)

Submitted 08-12-2015 under OPINION

Shortly before Umphrey’s Mcgee took the stage for its 12th Grand Rapids performance since 2005, the dark clouds overlooking the ampitheater at Meijer Gardens were a sign of what was to come: Sonic thunder and visual lightning. With musical...

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Del McCoury Band brings grammy-winning bluegrass to Meijer Gardens

by (yuengerr)

Submitted 07-02-2015 under OPINION

As the sun sets over the crowd at Meijer Gardens, the stage welcomes the wit and good nature of Del McCoury and his homespun band of troubadours, as well as husband-wife duo, Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn. Fleck and Washburn open the show with a...

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Butterflies blooming foster enjoyment of nature

by (Jacqueline Bull)

Submitted 04-21-2015 under OPINION

It is 85 degrees with 70% humidity. There are the sounds of a tall waterfall and trickling water. Big lush tropical flora spring out and drape across the landscape. This is Grand Rapids early March and April if you happen to be visiting the “...

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"House," ArtPrize Top 20 finalist, on display at Frederik Meijer Gardens until Jan. 4

by (alreyno)

Submitted 10-20-2014 under OPINION

Osman Khan’s sculpture, "House," a finalist on the Jurors' Shortlist, will be hosted at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park through January 4. For this piece, Kahn has built a minimalist sculpture of a house...

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Official Exhibition, Showcase venues offer curated themes, longer hours, amenities

by (Elizabeth Roger...)

Submitted 09-23-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

Every year ArtPrize works with local museums and institutions to facilitate the art competition. Exhibition Centers showcase a large concentration of ArtPrize entries, and are also places where visitors can vote, pick up event guides, buy ArtPrize...

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Pat Metheny, Bruce Hornsby hypnotize Meijer Gardens crowd

by (yuengerr)

Submitted 08-01-2014 under OPINION

The crowd has fallen silent, captivated by the smooth jazz lullabye. The birds and insects of Meijer Gardens can be heard calling out to each other as if they know the tune flowing from the guitar of Pat Metheny.  Not a single member of the...

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Railroad Earth breathes inspired life into Meijer Gardens

by (yuengerr)

Submitted 07-09-2014 under OPINION

A crisp gust of wind shakes the Meijer Gardens trees with applause as the Americana inspired Railroad Earth, affectionately known as “Railroad” among fans, takes the stage; the first act in a co-headlining performance with Yonder...

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