Grand Rapids Community Media Center

Community Media Center Director, Rapidian Publisher moving on

by (grcmc)

Submitted 11-01-2013 under NONPROFITS

After nearly eight years at the helm, Laurie Cirivello, Executive Director of the Grand Rapids Community Media Center (CMC) and Founding Publisher of The Rapidian, serves her final day with the organization this Friday, November 1. In September,...

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Animation camp to create role models for future Superwomen

by (Carol Shirey)

Submitted 06-28-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

A summer day camp for high school students in Kent County will be led by a New York stop-motion animator, Chelsea Manifold, along with Community Media Center’s Education Instructor Lynn McKeown. The classes will be at the Grand Rapids...

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DITA hosts Education Day for local students at Wealthy Theatre

by (wealthytheatre)

Submitted 05-16-2013 under NONPROFITS

April 30 marked the first ever Dance in the Annex (DITA) Education Day. On this day, three events drew students from around the city to Wealthy Theatre, to learn about the science of stage lighting, the importance of colors and costumes, and the...

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Wealthy Theatre officially reaches fundraising goal

by (wealthytheatre)

Submitted 05-13-2013 under NONPROFITS

Last week, the Wege Foundation approved a grant request to complete the Wealthy Theatre Sustainabilty Campaign, which allows all construction and renovations to commence. Beautification work in the back parking lot begins immediately, Wilson says,...

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Community Media Center captures community stories

by (Holly)

Submitted 05-03-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

Thursday night, the Community Media Center (CMC) staff and board members gathered together their members to share the story of what our organization has been doing at the event "Elevating Voices" at the Wealthy Theatre. A video, highlighting the...

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Wealthy Theatre to host story collecting experiment

by (reverewriter)

Submitted 04-25-2013 under NEWS

Stories are the construct that collectively make us who we are, give us identity as a whole and allow us to appreciate both the fine detail of a moment and the sweeping energy of a universal notion. Regardless of vehicle – in print, song,...

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Community Media Center competes for up to $250,000 in national funding competition

by (grcmc)

Submitted 09-11-2012 under NONPROFITS

The Grand Rapids Community Media Center (CMC) is competing with hundreds of other charities and nonprofits nationwide in the Chase Community Giving competition which will share $5M in grants with the top 196 winning nonprofits, based on public vote...

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Local theater hosts international debut of next-gen, sustainable stage lighting

by (wealthytheatre)

Submitted 05-10-2012 under NONPROFITS

An American company has developed a protoype version of the most revolutionary stage lighting instrument in over three decades: an LED version of the Source 4 light, by ETC (Electronic Theatre Controls). And this weekend, with the support of the ETC...

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DITA, ArtPeers launch presale for Trip The Light 2012

by (ArtPeers)

Submitted 04-19-2012 under NONPROFITS

TRIP THE LIGHT 2012 tickets are live as you read this article in The Rapidian - click here for presale tickets. More on TRIP in a moment. We have a video to debut, thanks to Michael Cook and Scopitone VidBox - this Rapidian feature is the premiere...

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Trip The Light: Ephemeral

by (diaghilev)

Submitted 05-04-2011 under OPINION

On behalf of the artists involved in Trip The Light: Ephemeral I'm privileged to premiere, here on The Rapidian, the only video you'll ever see (above) from this most groundbreaking live event. Most sincere thanks to our friends at...

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