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WMI pushes it past potential with Rick Chyme

by (jquatrine)

Submitted 06-06-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

In this episode, Hip hop artist Rick Chyme and keyboardist Ryan K. Wilson crushed it at The Meanwhile with WMI editor James Quatrine. We talked about their new project "5iveit," their former incarnation The Southpaw Players, and the whole...

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Jammies nominated musician Eric Kehoe releases new track

by (Renato)

Submitted 05-09-2013 under OPINION

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Album review: Signal Trip's 'Songs from the In Between'

by (tylersteimle)

Submitted 05-29-2012 under OPINION

"I've been here before," belts out singer/guitarist Pat Piechocki, on the commencement track of Signal Trip's new record, Songs From the In Between. The song is the definite article eschewing "Future's Now"...

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Big Dudee Roo brings diverse influences to indie music scene

by (Ken Ford)

Submitted 04-06-2012 under OPINION

The Wayland-based band Big Dudee Roo exemplifies today's Grand Rapids indie music scene well. The lead vocal harmonies, accompanying folk instruments and eclectically-developed foundations help paint a picture of our scene in many important ways...

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