Grand Woods Lounge

West Michigan Indie harmonizes With Brena

by (jquatrine)

Submitted 12-31-2012 under LOCAL LIFE

In episode 25 of the WMI podcast, contributor Magda Przekadzinska and I met Brena’s Steffan and Sean Copenhaver at the Grand Woods Lounge.  We talked about their last CD “This Is The Sound,” their tour bus and World Of...

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[Eat & Drink ArtPrize 2010] Grand Woods Lounge

by (Roberta F. King)

Submitted 09-20-2010 under LOCAL LIFE

If the weather for ArtPrize 2010 is as perfect as 2009 was, The Grand Woods Lounge will be a a Heartside ArtPrize hot spot. The Woods has an ample outdoor seating area, one of the few patios in the downtown area that isn't an afterthought. The...

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