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Michigan Cider Week aims to spread education, create community

by (MaddieForshee)

Submitted 04-06-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

This week, Grand Rapids is gearing up for its first Michigan Cider Week - put on by the newly-formed Michigan Cider Association. The Association is comprised of Tandem Ciders, Sietsema Orchards, VanderMill Ciders, Blake’s Hard Cider Co. and...

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Hard cider industry expanding in West Michigan

by (Sara Ransom)

Submitted 07-30-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

Cider is not just a seasonal fall drink, it is growing industry in Michigan. The Peoples Cider Company, Sietsema Orchards, Vander Mill Ciders and Virtue Cider are all local companies crafting hard ciders made from Michigan apples. “We’re...

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Fulton Street Farmers Market partners with local cider maker

by (MILocalFoodBeet)

Submitted 07-01-2014 under NONPROFITS

Their liquor license barely one year old, The Peoples Cider Company is taking advantage of a new Michigan law that allows small wineries (including cider producers) to do tastings and sell at farmers markets. Fulton Street Farmers Market hosts a...

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The Black Heron to serve Michigan-centric dishes in support of agrotourism

by (erictank)

Submitted 06-24-2014 under NEWS

A new restaurant is in the works at 428 Bridge Street and plans to be remodeled and up and running by November. The Black Heron, a New American cuisine restaurant with bar serving lunch and dinner is settling onto a West Side strip that is seeing a...

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The People's Cider Company working to bring craft cider to Jefferson Avenue

by (erictank)

Submitted 02-18-2014 under NEWS

The People's Cider Company is set to release its 2013 harvest on March 17, and proprietor Jason Lummen is working to be able to have their new tasting room, on Jefferson Avenue between Bartertown and Black Eagle Trading Post, open for the...

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