Legalization of urban chickens shows desire for integrated, secure food systems

by (Joel Salatin)

Submitted 09-08-2014 under OPINION

Editor's note: Joel Salatin, author of multiple books and a third-generation alternative farmer and sought-after conference speaker, has become known as "America's most influential farmer" after public discovery of...

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Start a Canvolution: Host a Canning Party

by (LisaRoseGR)

Submitted 08-31-2011 under LOCAL LIFE

The canning bug is sweeping across America!  The last time canning was this popular was during WWII as women canned harvests from their Victory Gardens to win the war.  Today, people across the country are re-finding the joy and benefits...

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The Local Beet: Grand Rapids' Food Trends for 2011

by (LisaRoseGR)

Submitted 02-01-2011 under OPINION

Frugal. Quality. Hyper-Local. Traditional. Artisanal. Bartering. Food empowerment. Now that we are one month into 2011, it's already shaping up to be a fun year on Grand Rapids' food front. What will we see more of in 2011?  Here’s the run-down...

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