January Series

What's Up with the January Series

by (youngchristianwriter)

Submitted 10-28-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

The founder of ESPN, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, a former senator, a bestselling author, an accomplished astronomer and Calvin College’s president all have one thing in common: each will speak at this year’s Calvin’s...

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W. Dwight Armstrong provides new perspective on large-scale farming

by (Renato)

Submitted 01-25-2013 under OPINION

W. Dwight Armstrong recently spoke on the topic of Feeding the World and the Future of Farming at Calvin College’s January Series. Armstrong is the CEO of the National FFA Organization - formerly Future Farmers of America - and received his...

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WuDunn raises awareness in order to raise resources

by (Lauren DeHaan)

Submitted 01-06-2013 under NEWS

Sheryl WuDunn, Pulitzer Prize winner and co-author of three bestselling books, has been cited by Newsweek as one of the “150 Women Who Shake the World.” As an investment banker and journalist, WuDunn has received numerous awards for her...

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N.T. Wright's lecture on Jesus and kingdom concludes Calvin January Series

by (A.Steiner)

Submitted 01-26-2012 under NEWS

N.T. Wright first encountered “the problem” as a teenager. He and his friends were tasked with laying out the Christian doctrines about Jesus for a Sunday school class. Why was Jesus born? Why did Jesus die? Why was he resurrected?...

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Edmond: Transforming walls to bridges

by (Heidi Stukkie)

Submitted 01-25-2012 under NEWS

With temperatures hovering in the teens outside, Ralph Edmond started his talk on Friday by suggesting that Calvin College change the January Series to the summer series. He first visited Grand Rapids in 1999––during the much warmer...

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Gergen: America works better when we work together

by (Heidi Stukkie)

Submitted 01-20-2012 under NEWS

  As a close advisor to four presidents, David Gergen knows a few things about politics. He also knows how to make an audience laugh. Gergen began his hour-long talk at Calvin College’s January Series on Wednesday with a joke about an...

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Activist Adam Taylor calls for mobilizing hope

by (Rob Cole)

Submitted 01-19-2012 under OPINION

Social justice has been a theme highlighted throughout this year's Calvin College January Series, not least by Monday's speaker Adam Taylor, an emerging voice among a new generation of Christian activists. Having worked in the Carr...

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Lyons offers new vision for Christianity in America

by (A.Steiner)

Submitted 01-16-2012 under OPINION

For the last century, Gabe Lyons told to a full audience at Calvin College on Tuesday, Jan. 11, American Christians have been telling a half-truth, a message of sin and salvation that by itself is “incoherent.” Lyons compared preaching...

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Gerson on Christianity and politics

by (acknot)

Submitted 01-13-2012 under OPINION

Nationally syndicated political columnist Michael Gerson brought his vision of Christian political engagement to Calvin’s Covenant Fine Arts Center on Thursday as part of the college’s 2012 January Series. Gerson, coauthor of City of Man...

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Pedro Noguera shares bolder approach to education at January Series

by (nickmanes)

Submitted 01-11-2012 under NEWS

Pedro Noguera presented "A Broader, Bolder Approach to Education" Tuesday afternoon at Calvin College's Covenant Fine Arts Center as part of the college's ongoing January Series of speakers. Noguera sees...

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