Mediterranian food

Marie Catrib's serves up Lebanese and Yooper influences

by (Laura Chittenden)

Submitted 01-10-2012 under OPINION

Local homemade cuisineThe above phrase excited me when my friends told me we were dining at Marie Catrib’s, known for its quality food. This popular multi-service restaurant is a hearty member of Local First, an organization dedicated to...

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Chicago Style Gyro: Melding cultures produce delicious results

by (GRCC Compositio...)

Submitted 03-19-2011 under OPINION

This article was written and edited by Shawn Barnes, Drew Brackett, James Byers, David Frederick, and Donnie Hauck for EN 102-1593 at GRCC. About nine months ago, Grand Rapids was introduced to a new and well-received restaurant, Chicago Style Gyro...

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