Tribute concert to celebrate life of David Bowie

by (JordanSchulte)

Submitted 02-02-2016 under NEWS

The Pyramid Scheme (68 Commerce Ave SW) is honoring David Bowie with a night of fun featuring five bands playing five Bowie songs each, as well as Bowie trivia, a costume contest, raffle, silent auction, Bowie-inspired face painting and karaoke. The...

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Park Place or bust : Monopoly Game Tournament for Camp O'Malley

by (BGC Grand Rapids)

Submitted 03-29-2010 under NONPROFITS

Do not pass GO, do not collect $200 dollars. This is the dreaded Monopoly game phrase that would upset any game-player. We’ve all heard these words before and felt the longing of collecting the $200 we deserve.   Now...

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