Who pays the cost: Cycles of disinvestment, economic exclusion, gentrification, redlining still plague Grand Rapids

by (jamiel_robinson)

Submitted 05-26-2015 under PLACE-MATTERS

It is a sign of a thriving city to see regular reinvestment and renewal in residential and business districts. New construction and rehabilitation of existing buildings and neighborhoods can be effective in meeting changing demands of both residents...

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Building place, one person at a time

by (Neighborhood Ve...)

Submitted 05-13-2014 under PLACE-MATTERS

Writen by Jessa Dutton So, what makes a place? Are cities, towns and neighborhoods vibrant and enticing because of bottom-line dollar investment? The more money pumped into a community, the more successful it will become, right? While that can be...

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Louis Savary, PhD, STD, former Jesuit, to speak at Dominican Center

by (DominicanCenter...)

Submitted 04-11-2014 under NONPROFITS

Dominican Center at Marywood  will host LOUIS SAVARY, PhD, STD  (Sacrae Theologiae Doctor), author of The New Spiritual Exercises: In the Spirit of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin for three separate programs from May 1 - May 3. ...

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Catalyst Radio: GRPM exhibit highlights grandmothers making global change

by (Catalyst Radio)

Submitted 09-30-2013 under NEWS

Don't have time to listen now? Download the mp3 and listen at your leisure.   INTERVIEW An exhibit called Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon is now on display at the Grand Rapids Public Museum, highlighting the activities of...

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What does this year's Top 10 say about our public?

by (pelz)

Submitted 10-03-2011 under OPINION

Let me first clarify by saying that I realize the term public is general and does not directly represent the many who didn’t participate in the ArtPrize hullabaloo. If all of Grand Rapids cast their votes for what they deemed “good...

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