The great pumpkin interview

by (Andy Angelo Pre...)

Submitted 10-31-2011 under NONPROFITS

On October 14, a truckload of pumpkins were donated to Grandville Avenue Arts & Humanities, and the GAAH Press Club was there to interview Mr. Gene Gilmore, the owner of the farm, and his helper, Sam. Before the pumpkins arrived, the Press Club...

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Through the season: J. Dykstra Produce's chestnut stuffing and Bob Alt Farm's pumpkin centerpiece

by (FultonStMarket)

Submitted 11-24-2010 under NONPROFITS

For every person who took the day off work to cook for Thanksgiving, there's another person still plumbing their minds for what to make. Here are two recipes from a couple of our vendors.   J. DYKSTRA PRODUCE'S CHESTNUT STUFFING Servings:...

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