Hamilton Still Thrills

by (John Kissane)

Submitted 02-11-2022 under OPINION

In May of 2009, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the 29-year-old creator of In The Heights, took the stage at the White House as part of an evening devoted to celebrators of the American experience. He mentioned that he was working on a hip-hop concept album...

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Opera Grand Rapids Stages Don Giovanni

by (John Kissane)

Submitted 10-27-2021 under OPINION

After an absence of two years, Opera Grand Rapids returned to Devos Performance Hall with Don Giovanni. Times had changed; an attendant confirmed COVID-19 vaccination or the results of a recent negative test, and masks were required throughout the...

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Review: "The Yesterdays of Grand Rapids" by Charles Belknap

by (DROWE66)

Submitted 04-16-2021 under LOCAL LIFE

Charles E. Belknap was a man for all seasons in the history of Grand Rapids. He was a Civil War hero, successful business man, firefighter, US Congressman,  and mayor of Grand Rapids. He moved with his family to Grand Rapids at eight years of...

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Movie Review: "The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki" at UICA

by (KCAD)

Submitted 06-27-2017 under OPINION

Want to see boxing fans’ jaws hit the mat? Show them Juho Kuosmanen’s The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Maki, a sports biopic that charts the days leading up to the titular real-life boxer’s infamous 1962 World Featherweight...

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Local production of "The Mikado" raises questions on theatre and race

by (kt.herr)

Submitted 04-22-2016 under OPINION

What are acceptable vestiges for art to speak through? This is the simple question that so many other questions seem to boil down to as we reflect on West Michigan Savoyards’ latest production of "The Mikado", showing this weekend at...

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Restaurant Review: The Amway Grand Plaza Hotel's Cygnus 27

by (rmclaughlin)

Submitted 04-07-2016 under OPINION

Located on the 27th floor of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Cygnus 27 has incorporated Latin flavors within the last year to their seasonal menu put forth by Chef Tim Moreno. With a modern minimalist decor and extremely dim (and somehow yellowish...

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Album review: 'Promise Land' by Vox Vidorra

by (JordanSchulte)

Submitted 03-21-2016 under OPINION

It would be tempting for Vox Vidorra listeners to focus entirely on singer/frontwoman Molly Bouwsma-Schultz. She is a quite a personality—her powerful voice and commanding stage presence demand the attention of a crowd. But to ignore the other...

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UICA shows us how to take art collecting to the next level

by (RickBeerhorst)

Submitted 04-13-2015 under LOCAL LIFE

The current show at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (UICA) with the poetic title of "Power Objects: The Future Has a Primitive Heart" provides us with a wonderful example of what it means to build an art collection with a singular vision....

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Exploring Free Radical 2014: Experiences with two galleries among many

by (DwellingPlace)

Submitted 11-12-2014 under NONPROFITS

If you made your way along the South Division business district last weekend, it would have been hard not to have absorbed some inspiration from all the temporary gallery spaces showcasing West Michigan's creative scene. With over 20 storefront...

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Beauty lies in the eye

by (ajpaschka)

Submitted 12-27-2013 under OPINION

Recently, I was able to view the creation of "Beholder," a book produced by Gaspard Gallery with words by Jacob Bullard, design by Ben Biondo and photography by artist Chris Cox. I’m lucky to own one due to the limited edition of the...

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