Grand Rapids' Homeless Outreach Team to expand, launch public data dashboard

by (Brett)

Submitted 02-11-2021 under LOCAL LIFE

The City of Grand Rapids’ Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) is amplifying its efforts to help area individuals experiencing homelessness, through an expanded team and eventual launch of a public data dashboard. Starting in March, an additional...

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Open Door Women's Center provides safe haven for women each night

by (Degage Ministries)

Submitted 10-23-2018 under NONPROFITS

The Open Door Women's Center provides a safe haven for up to 40 women in crisis each night. After taking a shower and doing laundry, there are a number of ways they spend their time before turning in for the night. Some sit quietly and read...

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Ethics and Religion Talk: Should religious institutions be 'Safe Refuge?'

by (Rabbi David J.B...)

Submitted 08-21-2017 under OPINION

Fred Wooden, the senior pastor of Fountain Street Church, responds: “The Torah speaks of cities of refuge, for those who are not safe despite the usual safeguards. They served a needed purpose. Modern houses of worship are not legal...

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A home in Heartside: Guiding Light Mission offers food, shelter, way forward

by (Feeding America...)

Submitted 01-15-2015 under NONPROFITS

We met Napolean Frazier at Guiding Light Mission in Grand Rapids on January 13, the coldest on record. Frazier was one of the 135 men who had stayed at Guiding Light the night before. A 33-year-old unemployed computer systems engineer, he had moved...

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Food Bank asks community to remember hungry during holidays

by (Feeding America...)

Submitted 12-19-2014 under NONPROFITS

With only a few weeks left in what will be its second record-setting year in a row, Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank is asking the community to remember families in need this holiday season. “It’s painful to think that our...

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month provides perfect opportunity for continued conversation and action around violence prevention

by (Safe Haven Mini...)

Submitted 09-30-2014 under NONPROFITS

GRAND RAPIDS -- Over the last few weeks, conversations around domestic violence have flooded the media. Without a doubt, the recent crimes within the National Football League has brought the issue of domestic abuse to the forefront. While it is ever...

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Michigan startup debuts clothing line to support hunger relief

by (Feeding America...)

Submitted 08-25-2014 under NONPROFITS

Five months after launching their first Hold On To Hope campaign for Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank, Live Love Michigan is debuting a second line of clothes to benefit the hunger-relief organization. The model is pretty straightforward:...

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Increased discussion of violence against women demands increased awareness of community resources

by (Safe Haven Mini...)

Submitted 05-30-2014 under NONPROFITS

As a result of the recent horrific tragedies, there has been a significant increase in the discussion of the culture of violence against women. However, the reality remains that gendered violence happens every day, and while each of these acts of...

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Homeless shelter extends hours in winter freeze

by (dansteenwyk)

Submitted 01-24-2014 under NEWS

While Old Man Winter throws a fit, Mel Trotter Ministries (225 Commerce SW) are keeping their Day Center open to anyone in need of shelter. Cynthia Longyne, Communications Manager for Mel Trotter, says the Day Center will stay open as long as...

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Ferret shelter finds new homes for abandoned pets

by (rpontius)

Submitted 10-10-2013 under LOCAL LIFE

When Dee Gage added two ferrets to her family in 1996, she didn’t expect to become the founder of The West Michigan Ferret Connection (WMFC) shelter. “If you had told me I would be doing this 11 years ago, I would have said you were...

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