The Rapidian adds photo of the day archive and expands media map

by (George)

Submitted 11-09-2011 under OPINION

It’s been a little while since we rolled out the newest incarnation of The Rapidian, but we are still working on things behind the scenes. Here is a brief overview of a few of the new features our wonderful Drupal developer, Ron Woldyk, has...

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New feature: neighborhood drill down!

by (George)

Submitted 06-30-2011 under OPINION

This is a quick update on one of The Rapidian's newest feature: neighborhood drilldowns. This one is a little bit behind the scenes, but is an important step for the future of connecting with local content on The Rapidian at the neighborhood...

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Grand Rapids Painted in Secret

by (hipphop)

Submitted 01-10-2010 under OPINION

I drive by it everyday. Each time, I think, “I need to capture this before the trains move again.” For brief periods of time, a moving art gallery comes to Grand Rapids at the train yard alongside US-131. I keep putting it off – mostly because the...

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