Community Updates: Friday, October 13

by (The Rapidian)

Submitted 10-13-2023 under NEWS

New Community Transformation Fund receives $100,000 from the City of Grand Rapids On Tuesday, the City of Grand Rapids announced that it made "a $100,000 investment" in New Community Transformation Fund (NCTF). New Community Transformation...

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City Connection - Transit Issues with Andrew Johnson

by (GRTV)

Submitted 03-04-2019 under NEWS

Every month, Mayor Bliss or a representative from the city will be open to all questions sent in during or in anticipation of her live on-air show "City Connection." The mayor will respond to citizen questions submitted by calling in, emailing...

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Transit union president talks contract disputes with The Rapid

by (jproth1)

Submitted 10-31-2017 under NEWS

It has been over two years that members of the Amalgamated Transit Union local 836 in Grand Rapids, Michigan have been working without a contract. John Rothwell sat down with union president RiChard Jackson to discuss the issues that ATU 836...

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Local ATU member arrested at Rapid Board Meeting

by (jproth1)

Submitted 08-31-2017 under NEWS

GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Grand Rapids police arrested Louis DeShane, Rapid Bus Driver and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 836 Union Member for trespassing at the monthly board meeting held on Wednesday, August 30. An hour into the Rapid public board...

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Rail Transportation In Michigan: 2015 & 2016

by (whitemice)

Submitted 01-05-2016 under

It is becoming somewhat of a tradition for MARP to have its first meeting of the New Year in Lansing’s former GTW station which has been reborn as the REO Town Depot. This classic Spier & Rohn-designed structure was built in 1902 for the...

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Coast-To-Coast Public Information Meeting

by (whitemice)

Submitted 06-04-2015 under

The Coast-to-Coast Passenger Rail Study aims to understand the ridership demans and feasibility of re-establishing passenger rail between Detroit, Lansing, Grand Rapids, and Holland. Come join us at one (or more!) or our 16 public engagement...

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Bus Stop Stories showcase local resident experiences on public transportation

by (peoplewd)

Submitted 09-16-2014 under NONPROFITS

Disability Advocates of Kent County (DAKC), Tommy Allen Creative and Friends of Transit, the local transit advocacy team, are excited to share new videos of lively, poignant, and comic reflections on The Rapid’s new BRT Silver Line debut in...

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What is a Clean Air Action Day?

by (WMEAC)

Submitted 07-22-2014 under NONPROFITS

The Rapid’s fixed route buses are free on Clean Air Action Days, so when the West Michigan Clean Air Coalition (WMCAC) declared July 20th and 21st Clean Air Action Days, many bus riders celebrated the news. However, Clean Air Action Days are...

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2011 from a local politico's eyes

by (JimTalen)

Submitted 12-21-2011 under OPINION

Sometimes looking back helps us look ahead. Here are some highlights in local government from 2011, seen from my perspective as a local elected official: Despite Kent County's long record of cooperative and cost-saving ventures with other units...

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The Rapid: A Bright Future?

by (pvidetic)

Submitted 05-03-2011 under OPINION

Six o’clock in the morning. The alarm clock goes off and you hit the snooze button. The alarm goes off a second time and you sluggishly roll out of bed, not exactly ready to start the day. You make breakfast, get the kids ready for school, and...

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