Why time based art takes time: Categorical distinctions of criteria for ArtPrize 2014

by (Micah Silver)

Submitted 10-03-2014 under OPINION

We talk about activities as if some of them take time and others don’t, yet we know that we experience everything as having a duration, whether we savor and put it to memory or not. Whether we are dreaming and time is of a different form,...

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Art that expresses need for peace: conversation with UICA curator Alexander Paschka, artist Ladislov Hanka

by (Lee Bloomquist)

Submitted 10-02-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

Alexander Paschka, curator/artist, and Ladislov Hanka, artist/beekeeper, are smiling. On the rooftop terrace of the UICA they are relaxing at a table before the doors open, sitting among shadows of protectors/oppressors and mutually targeted...

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Shortlist reveals insight into juror selection process

by (Holly)

Submitted 09-30-2014 under NEWS

On Monday at 7 p.m., the category jurors for this year's ArtPrize competition revealed their top selections to the public in the ArtPrize HUB (41 Sheldon Avenue SE). The event, broadcast live on WOODTV 8 and at Rosa Parks Circle, included juror...

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City as Muse celebrates installation at UICA

by (erictank)

Submitted 09-25-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

Through many changes - buildings, locations, resident artists and programming - the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art (UICA) has been a integral part of the art community in Grand Rapids for over 30 years.  "City as Muse," a three...

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Official Exhibition, Showcase venues offer curated themes, longer hours, amenities

by (Elizabeth Roger...)

Submitted 09-23-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

Every year ArtPrize works with local museums and institutions to facilitate the art competition. Exhibition Centers showcase a large concentration of ArtPrize entries, and are also places where visitors can vote, pick up event guides, buy ArtPrize...

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Fancy petals: ODDBALL dresses to impress

by (HiteDesign)

Submitted 09-16-2014 under LOCAL LIFE

On Saturday, September 13, the UICA held its fourth annual ODDBALL event centered around the "Lux" theme. Guests dressed from head to toe in floral prints, wore floral crowns or tucked a single flower in their suitcoat lapel. In addition...

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UICA reveals special preview of ArtPrize exhibit

by (GRCMC Media Ed)

Submitted 09-12-2014 under NONPROFITS

UICA Exhibition Curator, AJ Paschka, gives us a special preview of their ArtPrize Exhibit. Learn about the artists and their works, as well as the collaboration theme, and see how it evolves as you progress through the exhibit.  CMC Education...

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Art in our own backyard

by (Neighborhood Ve...)

Submitted 08-26-2014 under PLACE-MATTERS

Written by Jessa Timmer Every autumn, the City of Grand Rapids begins to ramp up the fanfare and media attention on a very large and very popular art competition. It’s a really interesting time to be a Grand Rapidian as it seems every person...

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UICA's "Collaboration" invites audience to collaborate with artists

by (Scott Trumbo)

Submitted 08-13-2014 under NEWS

The UICA’s theme for this year's Artprize exhibit is "Collaboration." The exhibit will officially kick off September 13, after their yearly Oddball fundraising event.  "Artprize is when a lot of the city comes and...

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CMC department showcases animation video in UICA's ArtPrize exhibit

by (Sara Ransom)

Submitted 08-13-2014 under NEWS

The Grand Rapids Animation Collaboration group will show their animation video before, during and after ArtPrize 2014. The video will play nonstop on a large screen in the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts from September...

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