Young Kim

Gifts from the ArtPrize community

by (Erica Curry VanEe)

Submitted 09-20-2011 under VOICES

  Happy Birthday ArtPrize! Today is my birthday too, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to spend it with you. You have been one of the best birthday gifts of my life, and that’s pretty impressive, considering I have...

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Not just an eyeful - ArtPrize finalists that actually encourage meditation

by (brianjbowe)

Submitted 10-04-2010 under OPINION

"To see or not to see. That's the question."— Karl Gude, Michigan State University, via Twitter In the midst of all the hubbub and hurly burly of ArtPrize, it's easy to lose the art. The social experiment part of the event seems like a success, but...

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ArtPrize: Whose vote counts most?

by (evanarragon)

Submitted 09-20-2010 under OPINION

Last September 27, I headed downtown with one question in my mind: “What will 100,000 paper airplanes look like?” The event was Rob Bliss’s ArtPrize entry: paper planes dropped from the six tallest buildings downtown to the strains of Sigur Ros’s...

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Dust in the Wind: A Retrospective Look at Salt and Earth

by (wisperingdove)

Submitted 10-15-2009 under LOCAL LIFE

Young Kim’s entry in ArtPrize 2009, Salt and Earth, has been swept away, but for many the message and memory of his work will remain. Created solely for the contest, the site-specific piece consisted of fifty squares measuring three feet by three...

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