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A Cheetah on Wealthy Street

A review of The Electric Cheetah restaurant on Wealthy by Diamond. The Electric Cheetah uses many local products to encourage growth within Grand Rapids and offers a creative adaptive menu.
The Electric Cheetah

The Electric Cheetah /Jeff Henders

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The Cheetah Interior

The Cheetah Interior /Jeff Henders

The Cheetah Interior (bar)

The Cheetah Interior (bar) /Jeff Henders

The Electric Cheetah restaurant on Wealthy and Diamond is a chic little establishment that's hard to miss. With a front glass exterior exposing the dining room and the name "The Electric Cheetah" written in bold over the entrance, the Cheetah is becoming a modern-looking landmark in East Hills.

The Electric Cheetah strives to blend sophistication with unique food and present it in an inviting atmosphere. The inside of the Electric Cheetah is visible from the street, and even before entering the restaurant the establishment feels sincere and friendly. The dining room is small yet personal, and the tables are located in relatively close proximity so the room feels cozy. The orange globe lights that hang from the ceiling provide an instant warmth to the dining experience.

During my visit to the Cheetah, I sat at the bar and was pleased to note that from my seat I could see back into the kitchen and watch how the Electric Cheetah staff made their food. This "no secrets" approach to kitchen management is a refreshing take on food preparation. Additionally, the kitchen staff were entertaining--discussing news and engaging in small talk while I waited for my food.

The Menu
The menu is a bit of a hodgepodge, but my server was knowledgeable. He answered my questions about the menu selections and offered information to help me make an informed decision about my meal options. He also told me that the Electric Cheetah uses produce from locally owned businesses. Some of the local businesses that the Cheetah uses are the Dancing Goat Creamery, the Fulton Street Farmers Market and Grand Rapids Coffee Roasters. You can find a full list of local businesses that the Electric Cheetah supports at the Electric Cheetah's Website.

The Main Course
From unique appetizers like the Spud Puddle to the Leftover Meatloaf, the Electric Cheetah offers an array of dishes that are created from locally grown produce. My server suggested that I try one of the Electric Cheetah's classic dishes, the Sloppy Jalopy, a "house-roasted corned beef brisket and black forest ham, caramelized red onion, tomato, thousand island, Dijon and Swiss on grilled rye." While the sandwich sounded good on paper, it was a bit too sloppy for me. In fact, it feels as if the Electric Cheetah sometimes tries too hard to offer unique selections, and sometimes instead of hitting a home run it comes up short. The Cold Turkey, "a sandwich which consists of turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, aioli, and get this--sliced Granny Smith apples"--is one of the dishes I found to be a bit too unique. While some of the dishes are a bit on the fancy side, the Electric Cheetah does offer some classic dishes like the French Dip, The Grilled Cheese, and the Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato.

Whether you like the Electric Cheetah's unique menu or not, what they definitely do get right is dessert. Aside from the classic Milk and Cookies, the Electric Cheetah offers an assortment of locally made pies presented in a multi-tiered showcase. The Cheetah's Mississippi Mud Pie and the Chocolate Cheesecake are two local favorites, but if chocolate isn't your thing, the Cheetah offers a variety of other locally made desserts as well. These desserts are only available while they last, so what you loved one night may not be available the next.

Although the Wealthy Corridor is filled with unique and colorful venues, in my view few stand out like Electric Cheetah. The next time you're in the neighborhood, stop by and grab a piece of pie or a Lil' Pickle Tickle. Who knows, it might make a cheetah out of you.

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I love both the EC and it's 'Uncle' just a little farther east on Wealthy! (Just a note: EC is not in East Hills, it is in the Wealthy Street Business District)

The cold turkey is one of my favorites and as far as it being too unique... that is a little odd since granny smith apples pair very nicely with many savory sandwiches.

Either way, thanks for highlighting this great neighborhood restaurant!