The Rapidian


Ethics and Religion Talk: Can My Car be Cursed?

Submitted 04-15-2019 under OPINION

I think my car is cursed. … Is it possible for objects to be cursed?


Ethics and Religion Talk: What Do You Think of Hospice?

Submitted 04-08-2019 under OPINION

What is your faith tradition’s perspective on the use of hospice services?


William Shatner connects at Star Trek II screening

Submitted 04-06-2019 under OPINION

William Shatner told well-honed anecdotes at a DeVos Performance Hall screening of Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.


Ethics and Religion Talk - Afraid of Death

Submitted 04-01-2019 under OPINION

If we believe in heaven, why are we so afraid of dying?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Communication with the Dead

Submitted 03-25-2019 under OPINION

How do your faiths view communications with deceased loved ones? Is this not encouraged or not even possible?


April "Culinary Conversations" meetup examines racial inequality, socioeconomics in the food industry

Submitted 03-18-2019 under NONPROFITS

The Downtown Market will host Chef Tunde Wey, a Nigerian born chef, business owner and founder of the Blackness in America Dinner Series, for the second “Culinary Conversations” Meetup on April 4 at 5 p.m.


Visions and Revisions at the GRAM

Submitted 03-18-2019 under OPINION

Current exhibit is an opportunity to consider what we want in our museum


Ethics and Religion Talk: What is a Religious Lifestyle?

Submitted 03-18-2019 under OPINION

What does it mean to live a Christian lifestyle? How would this be different from living a Jewish lifestyle, a Muslim lifestyle, a Hindu lifestyle?


What are barriers to employment?

Submitted 03-15-2019 under NONPROFITS

There are many people who want and need to work, but face certain conditions that may make steady employment difficult to acquire.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is There a Stigma about Dying?, part 2

Submitted 03-11-2019 under OPINION

A question submitted to an interfaith panel on approaches to hospice care: “If we all agree that God controls both birth and death, why do we not accept his decision at that time? We seem to put a large/negative stigma on dying.”