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Ethics and Religion Talk: Is a belief in an afterlife required in your faith?

Submitted 06-24-2024 under OPINION

I'd like to know from the writers how much of an emphasis is put on afterlife reward/punishment in their faiths. Would disbelieving in such a concept rule out membership in the religion?


Ethics and Religion Talk: What do visitors to your place of worship need to know?

Submitted 06-17-2024 under OPINION

If a visitor were to attend a service/ceremony at your church, synagogue, etc., what would they be allowed to do, and what might they shouldn't do if they are not "fully initiated" in your faith?


Grand Rapids Circle Theatre stages "You Can't Take It With You"

Submitted 06-14-2024 under OPINION

Grand Rapids Circle Theatre's production of You Can't Take It With You stars a terrific, fizzy ensemble.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Does your faith depend on an afterlife?

Submitted 06-10-2024 under OPINION

If you were suddenly convinced that there was no afterlife, how would that affect your work in your tradition?


"Beautiful" dramatizes Carole King's journey from high school to Carnegie Hall

Submitted 06-09-2024 under OPINION

Alyssa Garcia Bauer shines in jukebox musical dramatizing the rise of influential singer-songwriter Carole King.


Orville Peck takes off the mask

Submitted 06-06-2024 under OPINION

Masked singer kicks off Meijer Gardens's summer concert series with songs alternating between melancholy and rousing.


Ethics and Religion Talk: As you've aged, have you grown more hopeful or more cynical?

Submitted 06-03-2024 under OPINION

After serving for as many years as you have as clergy, do you think you're become more hopeful and optimistic? Or rather cynical? I hear and read so much about people leaving the clergy due to frustration with their flocks, boards and policies.


Ethics and Religion Talk: How does your tradition understand the role of autonomy in medical care?

Submitted 05-28-2024 under OPINION

What is the role of autonomy in medical care?


Tick, Tick...Boom! Explodes Into Song

Submitted 05-24-2024 under OPINION

Grand Rapids Circle Theatre stages late composer Jonathan Larson’s musical.


Twenty years on, Wicked still soars

Submitted 05-23-2024 under OPINION

Wildly popular musical returns to DeVos Performance Hall.