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City Connection: Mayor Bliss to be joined by Vera Beech & Community Rebuilders

Submitted 03-01-2021 under NEWS

Beech will join Bliss to discuss low-income housing and Community Rebuilder's housing-first efforts with homelessness in the area.


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is your religion based on Dogma?

Submitted 03-01-2021 under OPINION

Connor writes, “I would appreciate learning what your clergy members think of the word 'Dogma,' and if it describes their religion.”


In Season Report: February 27, 2021

Submitted 02-26-2021 under NONPROFITS

It is looking like it will be another beautiful weekend here in Grand Rapids. What better way to spend it than at the farmers market! Get outside and enjoy the fresh air as you shop for fresh, local goods!


Passing the Mic: Kaufman Interfaith Institute's Allison Egrin answers, "What tenet of your faith tradition most stands out to you right now?"

Submitted 02-24-2021 under VOICES

Allison Egrin, Jewish practitioner, responds to Community Media Center's Brett Townsend.


Ethics and Religion Talk: What is the different between Happiness and Joy?

Submitted 02-22-2021 under OPINION

Janet H. asks, “The recent column on happiness/unhappiness prompts a further question: Is it happiness humans need, or is it joy?"


In Season Report: February 20, 2021

Submitted 02-19-2021 under NONPROFITS

The weather forecast may be calling for more snow, but the market forecast is calling for local produce, farm-fresh products, and handmade goods! So, grab your winter gear, and don’t forget your mask, and head down to the market!


The Time is Ripe for a Food Policy Council in Kent County

Submitted 02-16-2021 under NONPROFITS

Every one of us is part of a food system, a truth the pandemic put in plain sight. How can we be a part of shaping that food system to benefit all? The new Kent County Food Policy Council will address that very question.


Ethics and Religion Talk: What is Wisdom Literature?

Submitted 02-16-2021 under OPINION

Ted N. asks, “Are there similarities (and differences) in the wisdom literature of the world’s major religions? Can you please explain?”


In Season Report: February 13, 2021

Submitted 02-12-2021 under NONPROFITS

It’s going to be another beautiful snowy weekend in Grand Rapids so throw on your snow pants and head down to the Market! Shop from over 25 vendors offering the best local fare and handmade goods in town.


Ethics and Religion Talk: What is Our Role in God's Plan?

Submitted 02-08-2021 under OPINION

Linda M. asks, “When people say ‘let God handle it’ or ‘it is all in God's plan,’ does anyone remember God (or whoever) made us thinking, reasoning, humans, and we have an obligation to use our brains and common sense, not just lay bad stuff or good stuff on God's whim?”