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Have you ever asked yourself how "healthy" your home is, or your castle?

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Resources and free services are available for low income home owners, or renters, to make them healthy to live in.
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Our home is our safest refuge, so it is said. It is often quoted as being "our castle.” Whether we own a home or rent an apartment, we view where we live as a safe haven from the things in the world that bother us. We keep our worldly possessions there, we relax there, eat and most likely raise children in our small castles. We want them to be safe and clean. 

Families in Grand Rapids in low income households, and especially with a child five years or under, have access to resources to educate them about and protect them from a number of issues that can potentially make these homes unsafe. These can even be things that have no odor, no color, and are invisible and can make our homes unsafe. You may not know they are there. 

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless gas that can be lethal. For example, it can build up when a gas pipe to a stove is not installed correctly or other ways.  Fortunately, there is a detector that can alert you if it is present. You may qualify for a free one with free installation. 

Smoke indicates fire. If you, or any family member is alerted in time, it may save a life. Smoke detectors in correct locations are vital. You may qualify for a free one(s) with free installation. 

Radon, like carbon monoxide, is an odorless gas that can be tested for. You may receive a free kit in January, Radon Action Month, or purchase one the rest of the year at a very low cost. 

Lead paint, found mostly in homes built before 1978, can turn to dust, or chips, which are easily ingested. Children who unintentionally are exposed to lead paint can have long term brain damage. This is completely preventable. Get the information you need now.

Pests are usually not something that you might consider to be a threat. However, they may trigger asthma and become a nuisance. You can learn simple, environmentally friendly methods to control mice and roaches, for example. 

Healthy Homes Coalition is your resource for information and to find out whether you qualify to receive free detectors, free installation or just free information on ways to make your home safe for you and your family. 

Do you believe that everyone deserves a clean, safe home? Healthy Homes Coalition is looking for volunteers to install detectors and/or be a possible mentor to a household. To work with someone to do a detector installation takes a couple of hours at a time. 

"Everyone deserves to live in a healthy home." That is a motto worth working for. Whether you own a home, rent an apartment, or are even a landlord, you owe it to yourself to find out more. If you have time and conviction, look into volunteering in some capacity whether you are fifty or older or younger. 

Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan, 742 Franklin St. SE, (616) 241-3300. 

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