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St. Cecilia's announces new season of concerts, special events for Women's History Month to celebrate 135th anniversary

Submitted 05-22-2018 under NONPROFITS

St. Cecilia Music Center in Grand Rapids will begin a new season of music on October 11, 2018 to celebrate their 135-year history as the oldest arts organization in Grand Rapids and West Michigan.


Rhiannon Giddens mesmerized sold out audience at St. Cecilia Music Center

Submitted 05-18-2018 under LOCAL LIFE

Rhiannon Giddens played to a sold out audience at the St. Cecilia Music center Thursday evening, providing the audience with a very powerful performance focused on the black experience in America.


NPO Showcase sits down with Habitat for Humanity

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NPO Showcase focuses on the recent projects of Kent County's Habitat for Humanity and how you can get involved.


Former U.S. Ambassador to speak on pandemics and other global challenges

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Former U.S. Ambassador William Garvelink will speak on the three global challenges facing us: pandemics, corruption and failed states.


Seven lessons of commuting to college from home

Submitted 04-25-2018 under OPINION

You don’t have to follow the expected path to create memories or be independent.


Nonprofit Showcase gets moving with the Grand Rapids YMCA

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Anna Geurkink gets moving with the YMCA of Grand Rapids.


Making Choices Michigan celebrates National Healthcare Decisions Day

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Emmy-Award Winning Journalist Cathy Wurzer presents “Convening Community Conversations on Living and Dying,” a special presentation about living as fully as possible in spite of disease and disability


Comprenew announces expansion into Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin

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Comprenew is pleased to announce a significant expansion into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Northern Wisconsin, which will provide proper electronics recycling services to people in those communities.


Civil discourse series seeks to cultivate community

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Three-part civil discourse series will be held at the Wyoming Branch of the Kent District Library on April 10,17 and 24.


Former ambassador, Carter Center CEO speaks on global health

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Ambassador Mary Ann Peters (ret.), CEO of the Carter Center in Atlanta, talks about global health equity, ethics and eradication on March 26.