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Mayor answers citizen concerns live on GRTV, The Rapidian

This Monday, the mayor answered citizen questions live.

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On Monday, July 1st at 5:00 p.m., Mayor Heartwell answered questions from local citizens live in his monthly call-in show on GRTV (and archived here on The Rapidian!) "City Connection." 

Each month, you can add your own questions for City Connection with a tweet, on Facebook, or in an email. You can add your questions at any time, including during the show itself.

Host Linda Gellasch presented to the mayor a variety of city issues prompted by questions submitted by viewers like you. This month, Rapidian reporter Raheeq Al-Zaidan asked about the proposed tax increase to help fund public parks.

If you’re brimming with questions or wondering what other Grand Rapidians are thinking about, every first Monday of the month you have that chance when Mayor George Heartwell takes the screen both on television and on the internet. In fact, right here.

For 18 years, the mayors of Grand Rapids have hosted City Connection, a monthly, live call-in show on GRTV’s Livewire, Comcast channel 24.  Mayor John Logie started the program in 1992 as a way to share mayoral perspective with Grand Rapidians and to bring a little more transparency to local government. City Connection is an opportunity to interact directly with one of our city’s top elected officials.

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A question for Mayor Heartwell *Please do not paraphrase*

If I could place 50 peer reviewed studies on your desk, that testify to the fact that water fluoridation is either deleterious to your health or has little to no effect on dental health would you reconsider your current stance?

Ian thank you for your submission. We're so sorry we ran out of time, but please tune in for next month's show (August 5th), we'll have your question be the first one up (un-paraphrased) for Mayor Heartwell at the top of the show.

haha thank you. I look forward to Mayor Heartwell's response, I have to say city connection is pretty cool and I see it as good news if my question got bumped, it means people are getting involved with local governmnet. And sorry about the paraphrase thing I know its a bit silly. But last time I asked a question on water fluoridation I cited a world health orginization study, but the question that was actully asked was along the lines of "Whats the deal with fluoride?"