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Music Submissions Wanted: Trip The Light 2011

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DITA Mission Statement

Dance In The Annex’s (DITA) mission is to secure, promote and enhance contemporary dance in Grand Rapids by fostering an appreciation of dance through education and performance opportunities.

Dance in the Annex (DITA) and ArtPeers invite local musicians to submit original pieces of music for the second annual Trip The Light event, to take place May 6, 2011 (5+6=11) at Wealthy Theatre. Submission deadline is Jan. 21, 2011.
Music can be from any time period, so long as the musicians created it in West Michigan and can perform it live.
Why "Trip The Light" Is Important
Trip The Light 2010 broke the mold for live music and dance events in West Michigan: local musicians submitted music and local dancers set original choreography to the music, both of which were performed live onstage before a capacity crowd at Wealthy Theatre.
“This was the breakout event of the year, at Wealthy Theatre,” said Director Erin Wilson. “The idea was groundbreaking and the event was brilliant and unforgettable.” 
Post-show comments from attendees, Trip The Light 2010:
  • “Beautiful evening! I am so in love with this city and the talent we have here...” - Kerri VanderHoff 
  • ”Trip the Light was great! Good idea, executed well. I hope this is an annual event!” – KellyTherese 
  • “Trip The Light was awesome!” –Paul Jendrasiak 
  • “Goodbye old Grand Rapids; hello new midwestern Center of the Artworld.” – Seth Thompson 
  • “...feel the love. What an amazing night for our city. Great job all, so wonderful!” – Tommy Allen 
  • “...a joy. (They) really kicked it into high gear. Really impressed, amazing night!” – Hugo Claudin
Artists will receive a block of tickets to the event which can be sold at face value “or whatever the market will bear,” Wilson said. “Last year’s event was a sellout; artists will have valuable tickets, worth up to $75.”
DITA founder Amy Wilson said Trip 2010 was “a watershed moment” for musicians and dancers, which “led to a surge in the number of events involving live, local music and dance - we started something, however unintentionally. Musicians say their peers are more open to previously unthinkable, diverse collaborations.”
Post-show comments from musicians who participated in Trip The Light 2010:
  • “...a showcase of the most innovative performers that’s sure to inspire.” - Ritsu Kasumata
  • “Trip is unlike any live show you’ll play; it gives your creation new depth and interpretation; this level of skill and organization is rare - you’re part of something that changed the GR arts scene.” - Derek Lancioni (Charles The Osprey)
Paucity's Ric Carroll apparently was so moved by Trip The Light that he wrote a Haiku poem to describe his feelings about it:
musicians playing
trip the light fantastic
beautiful dancing
Trip The Light: Ephemeral (5+6=11) will be unique for another reason: after it's done, there will be no record that it happened, no video, audio or imagery of the performances. No digital record of what takes place within the four walls of Peter Wege Auditorium, at Wealthy Theatre, that night. “This will be a sacred two hours in that room: when it’s done, it’s done forever," Amy Wilson said.
An encore performance may be scheduled if ticket sales exceed capacity.
Music may be submitted digitally by email to [email protected] - alternately, musicians are encouraged to send a URL or embed code (via email). 
It is possible to drop off a thumb drive or CD with your music: any questions about Trip should be sent to [email protected]

Disclosure: Erin Wilson is also ArtPeers Board President.

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Very excited for Trip 2.0 with some new twists, choreography and music.

It's a privilege to be part of this beautiful gathering again... 

Trip the Light 2010 was an epic moment for the arts in GR... I can't wait to see what this event can bring in 2011!

Thanks for bringing something new, innovative and completely original to this city.  I feel privileged, as a resident, to have something like this in GR that brings an attitude of excellence that many cities cannot boast.

It's great to live in such a growing city thriving with the arts. I am so excited to be a part of a dance community that is able to produce events such as Trip the Light! I cannot wait to see what our local bands have to offer up this year!

Trip the Light was such an incredibly moving and memorable experience last year. I can't wait to be there for it again! 

 i'm so happy today.

and i can't wait to make a dance for this show.

and be in other people's dances.

and get to make dances with really beautiful musicians.


this city is good folks.