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PICTURESQUE is a collaborative and interactive photo project by the Grand Rapids community. Each season, we invite the community to share images around a theme.

Picturesque: Pothole Patrol

The snow disappears and here we are: pothole season! For this month's photo challenge, we encourage you to go out and take photos of the potholes on the streets you drive or ride on, and share them with us, along with the location where you found it! We also highly encourage you to get...

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Every time the seasons move from one to the next, we see changes all around us. Leaves turn colors, First snowfalls blanket the earth, little green signs of new growth pop up, gardens explode. Every season has its changes- and every community does too. This Picturesque competition is an invitation...

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Picturesque: Nature Calls

In the height of summer, nature beckons. This Picturesque gallery is the place to add all of your nature photos. What have you captured when you've gone outside and taken notice of the natural world around you? Whether you're a professional photographer or an iPhoneographer, we'd love...

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Behind the Scenes

For this Picturesque photo challenge, we want you to get behind the scenes. What are you seeing before the date, the wedding, the theatre performance and the art opening in the kitchen where the meal is being prepared in that messy closet that you don't want guests to open in factories, back...

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In Progress

With ArtPrize artists beginning to install their pieces and road construction and development overtaking downtown it’s a time of transition in Grand Rapids. Everything seems to be in progress. However, photos for our “In Progress” gallery aren’t limited to construction and...

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Discover My GR

If you were telling a visitor to Grand Rapids what they need to see while they're here, what would you show them? Your favorite coffeeshop? The pastries at the best bakery? The brewery that you think exemplifies Beer City USA? A gallery, museum, park or monument that shouldn't be missed?...

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Black and White

After this fall's Picturesque gallery with the theme "Color!" we thought it would be fun to contrast it with a winter Picturesque gallery titled "Black and White." This gallery is not limited to black and white photography. In fact, black and white includes things...

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  This time of year seems a perfect time to notice one element on its own: color! Add your own photos of: fall leaves brilliantly colored ArtPrize entries spots of color you notice in your daily life anything really, that showcases color around us! Vote for your favorites with one of the...

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Summer Lovin'

Now's your chance to share what you love about summer! Add your own photos of: the lakeshore, pools and waterparks vacations, holidays and festivals food and drinks anything and everything you love about summer! Vote for your favorites with one of the four buttons on the side: vote up,...

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Signs of Spring!

Oh boy, do we ever love those first signs of spring! After the dreary cold months of winter in Michigan, all around us the world is waking up and getting beautiful: flowers and buds on trees motorcycles and bicycles coming out of storage patios open for the season... the whole city seems to come...

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