The Rapidian


Ethics and Religion Talk: Why Have I Miscarried?

Submitted 09-20-2021 under OPINION

Jeff asks for a reaction to the following story: "A young woman has been living with her boyfriend for at least a year.... She conceives. Though they weren't looking to have a child, they knew at some point they would and value the pregnancy. Sadly, she experiences a miscarriage."


Ethics and Religion Talk: Religion can do Horrible Things

Submitted 09-13-2021 under OPINION

Connor asks, “What is the worst thing that has ever been done in the name of your religious tradition?”


Passing the Mic: West Michigan Hindu Temple's Fred Stella answers, "What is the purpose of your life?"

Submitted 09-10-2021 under VOICES

Fred Stella, Hindu practitioner, responds to Rishi Singh, Sikh practitioner.


Ethics and Religion Talk: What is the Role of Clergy?

Submitted 09-07-2021 under OPINION

D. Patel asks, “What are duties of the priest/minister and of the devotees? what is relationship between priest and devotee? What do the priest and devotees do inside the place of worship in your religion?”


Ethics and Religion Talk: According to Your Tradition, What is the Worst Sin?

Submitted 08-30-2021 under OPINION

Connor asks, "What is the worst sin, in the opinion of your religious tradition?"


Ethics and Religion Talk: Cancel Culture

Submitted 08-23-2021 under OPINION

The anger and demands that accompany today's Cancel Culture often leave people feeling like the only way to survive is to go along with everyone else who says that the Emperor's clothes are beautiful and ignore the fact that the Emperor is in fact naked. What do you all think?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Is Religion a Force Against Racism?

Submitted 08-16-2021 under OPINION

How has religion advanced us towards a world with less racism?


Ethics and Religion Talk: Has Religion Supported Racism?

Submitted 08-09-2021 under OPINION

How has religion been a negative force in the world, promoting racism?


Ethics and Religion Talk: What to do about Negative Nancys and Downer Daves?

Submitted 08-02-2021 under OPINION

“SN” asks, “I have a friend who often comes to our happy hour group but the minute this person comes the whole mood changes. He is very negative ... We try to love him but it's wearing on many of us. What is the ethical thing to do – confront him, put up with him, or tell him he's not welcome?”


Passing the Mic: Sikh Society of West Michigan's Rishi Singh answers, "What does your faith do to address your members' suffering?"

Submitted 07-31-2021 under VOICES

Rishi Singh, Sikh practitioner, responds to Yong Su Mark Hepper, Buddhist practitioner.