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Stars are shining bright in Grand Rapids Comic-Con's 2017 celebrity lineup

Star Wars' Billy Dee Williams, Star Trek: The Next Generation's Gates McFadden, and Pink Power Ranger Catherine Sutherland to headline this year's Grand Rapids Comic-Con
Billy Dee Williams, left, plays Lando Calrissian in Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back

Billy Dee Williams, left, plays Lando Calrissian in Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Back /Grand Rapids Comic-Con

/Grand Rapids Comic-Con

A family of 2016 GR Comic-Con attendees cosplay a band of Jawas, from Star Wars

A family of 2016 GR Comic-Con attendees cosplay a band of Jawas, from Star Wars /Marjorie Steele

Grand Rapids Comic-Con released a list of the celebrities booked thus far for this coming fall's 2017 palooza of geekery, and it's shaping up to be the convention's most exciting events yet. Headlining the celebrities is Billy Dee Williams, best known for his iconic role of Lando Calrissian in Star Wars (the original trilogy). You know: Han Solo's best friend, who betrayed him, but then came back and helped him in the end. 

It's a BIG deal. 

Following behind are Gates McFadden, who played the much-loved Dr. Beverly Crusher in "Star Trek: The Next Generation;" Kane Hodder, aka Jason from the later "Friday the 13th" films; the wizened Julian Glover, who's played iconic side roles in Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and James Bond; Pink Power Ranger Catherine Sutherland, and the list goes on. 

Celebrity comic book writers and illustrators, animators, and best-selling authors also abound, representing comic works such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Spider-Man, Secret Wars, Wonder Woman, Black Lightning, The Walking Dead, and Captain America, to name a few.

As event co-owner Mark Hodges promised at the close of the 2016 event, this year's Comic-Con will have a significant amount of space reserved to serve as an ongoing gaming space throughout the event; specifically: three ballrooms in the Amway Grand Plaza. Organizers have teased that in addition to 100+ hours of programming, there will be "lots of after-hours activities" - such as "a concert, dance, expanded programming, 'Geeks Who Drink (with a bar this time),' and more, says Hodges.

With an estimated 30,000+ attendees last year and even bigger expansion plans lined up for 2018, Grand Rapids Comic-Con's upward trajectory doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Find Grand Rapids Comic-Con's 2017 complete lineup, as of June 28th, below:


  • Billy Dee Williams: Lando in Star Wars, Batman
  • Kevin Sorbo: "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys", "Supergirl"
  • Gates McFadden: Dr. Crusher in "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
  • Kane Hodder: Jason in Friday The 13th 7-10
  • Julian Glover: Star Wars, Indiana Jones, James Bond
  • Greg Weisman: "Young Justice", "Gargoyles"
  • Brandon Vietti: "Young Justice", Batman: Under The Red Hood
  • Mike McFarland: "Dragonball Z", "Attack On Titan", "One Piece"
  • Jason Spisak: "Young Justice", "Star Wars: The Clone Wars"
  • Chad Rook: "The Flash", War For The Planet Of The Apes
  • Catherine Sutherland: "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"
  • Doctor Mortose: local horror host

"Batman: TAS" Mini Reunion!

Adrienne Barbeau * Clive Revill * Diane Pershing * Loren Lester

Toho Godzilla "Men In Suit" Actors!

Haruo Nakajima * Tsutomu Kitagawa

Comic Book and Animation Guests

  • Jim Steranko: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Captain America
  • Mike Zeck: Spider-Man, Secret Wars, The Punisher
  • Jose Delbo: Wonder Woman, Yellow Submarine
  • Steve Geiger: Punisher: War Journal
  • Christopher Jones: Young Justice, Batman 66
  • Thom Zahler: My Little Pony
  • Tony Kordos: Batman and Robin Eternal
  • Tony Isabella: creator of Black Lightning
  • Douglas Paszkiewicz: Arsenic Lullaby, The Tick
  • John Giang: Industrial Light and Magic
  • Stuart Sayger: The Walking Dead, Bionicle
  • Allen Bellman: Captain America
  • Phil Ortiz: "The Simpsons"
  • Mike Toth: Beauty and the Beast, Mulan
  • Tom Cook: "SuperFriends", "He-Man"
  • Robert Pope * Andrew Pepoy * Dirk Manning * Wallace Wood Estate * J. David Spurlock * Source Point Press * Caliber Comics * Comfort and Adam * Dan Monroe * K. Lynn Smith * Jon Alderink * Scott Rosema * Randy Zimmerman

Best Selling Authors

  • Susan Dennard: Truthwitch
  • Elly Blake: Frost Blood
  • Kristen Simmons: Metaltown
  • Jim Benton: Dear Dumb Diary
  • Amy Lukavics: Women in the Walls
  • Erica O'Rourke: Torn
  • Cori McCarthy: You Were Here
  • Ray Pointer: Max Fleischer bio

YouTube Personalities

Harp Twins * Vegan Black Metal Chef


Knightmage * Sweets4aSweet * SuperKayce * Chaotic Neutral * Karmada

Grand Rapids Comic-Con is October 20-22, 2017.


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