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Catalyst Radio: Motion Initiative uses cycling repair to teach life skills to urban youth

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Thomas Fish, executive director of Motion Initiative, joins us on air. Motion Initiative is part of United in Christ Ministries and teaches urban youth life skills through their bicycle shop.

/Courtesy of the Motion Initiative

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/Courtesy of the Motion Initiative

Thomas Fish, executive director of Motion Initiative, joins us on air. Motion Initiative is part of United in Christ Ministries and teaches urban youth life skills through their bicycle shop. Acitivities include training in bike mechanics and maintenance, group road and mountain bike rides, races and an earn-a-bike program. Located in Black Hills, the shop has a four-bay industrial garage and five repair areas and is currently setting up a location in Holland, MI.



Senator threatens NPR's funding over recent firing
Seasoned news analyst and author Juan Williams was fired from NPR following a comment he made on the O'Reilly Factor about feeling nervous if he sees a Muslim in religious garb in an airport. NPR's action is still being weighed by media and political pundits, and in the meantime, Senator Jim DeMint (S. Carolina) has vowed to propose legislation to defund NPR for their action.
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Vault Index provides relief to news companies
In a recent study by Perfect Market, a publishing consulting firm, found that while news about Lindsay Lohan may draw in viewers, it ultimately brings in less revenue than more serious topics such as immigration reform and healthcare. In examining an index of more than 15 million articles from 21 national news giants over four months, PM determined the value of each news piece by cross-referencing traffic and click-throughs for ads on the page.
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Portland Herald employs new commenting system
Last Tuesday, Portland Herald announced to its readers that it was taking away the commenting system because no story subject was safe from "vile, crude, insensitive and vicious postings" from commentors. Two days later, it launched a new commenting system, Intense Debate.
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News editor arrested, no charges pressed
Tony Hopfinger, Alaska Dispatch's news editor, was arrested last week for crowding a government official to pursue a story. According to Hopfinger, he was trying to get quotes from Chief Municipal Prosecutor Albert Patterson immediately following a town hall meeting. According to Patterson's security, Hopfinger became violent, shoving security when they entered what he called his personal space. Patterson is not filing charges. Patterson is being sued by three news organizations for withholding employment records of his time as an attorney at a borough.
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ProPublica partners with five other news orgs to create comprehensive investigative coverage
The relatively young ProPublica is known for its investigative pieces and has partnered with news orgs before, but never at such a scale. Along with, NPR, the Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, PBS' Nightly Business Report and Consumer Reports, the power team each reported across different media and each with their own spin on how doctors are paid off by pharmaceutical companies to push products despite having no research background in those medical treatments.
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[DANCE] Hispanic Flamenco Ballet
Wednesday, Nov. 3 at 9 a.m. at Wealthy Theatre (1130 Wealthy SE)
A Latin American Rhythyms performance will take place at 9:45 a.m., followed by songs and dances from the Caribbean, Central and South American Folklore at 11:15 a.m. Hispanic Flamenco Ballet, a traveling nonprofit troupe, presents contemporary and traditional aspects of Hispanic culture to students of all backgrounds through the medium of dance.
[More info

[FILM] Found Footage Festival
Wednesday, Nov. 3 at 8 p.m. at UICA (41 Sheldon SE)
The Found Footage Festival is returning to the UICA. The event features live-comedy and found video, showcasing footage that was found at garage sales, thrift stores, warehouses, and dumpsters throughout the US and Canada. Found Footage Festival collection of odd, found VHS footage is distilled it into a 90-minute feature.
[More info

[AWARDS] 21st Neighborhood Business Alliance Awards
Thursday, Nov. 4 at 5 p.m. at Wealthy Theatre (1130 Wealthy SE)
For 20 years, Grand Rapids has acknowledged local businesses and recognized excellence in numerous categories. This year, the event will be bigger and better with expanded categories to honor creative and innovative developments, new vendors at a “Taste of Our Neighborhoods” reception and reusable shopping bags to be distributed to all guests showcasing sponsors and neighborhood businesses. The event is free and open to the public. For more event information contact Neighborhood Ventures at 616-301-3929.
[More info]

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