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Updated with link: Special episode of City Connection discusses the importance of voting, voting rights

by The Rapidian

Tonight's special episode of City Connection focuses on empowering voters to know their rights.

Mayor to answer questions live in monthly City Connection show


Tune in live on Monday, August 3 to see the mayor's responses to citizen questions live, on air, on GRTV Channel 24 and live-streaming here on The Rapidian.

Mayor answers citizen questions live in July City Connection


Monday, July 13 brought another edition of "City Connection," where Mayor Heartwell sits down to answer citizen questions live on GRTV and live-streaming on The Rapidian.

Mayor answers questions on upcoming elections, more in June City Connection


Monday night at 5:00 p.m., Mayor Heartwell answered questions from local citizens on GRTV Channel 25 and livestreamed on The Rapidian.

Film Review on The House I Live In

by Creston Neighborhood Association

Creston neighbors recently viewed and discussed a documentary about the war on drugs. The film's takeaway? Drug abusers are not the only victims of drug addiction.

Mayor braves "polar vortex" to answer citizen concerns

by The Rapidian

Mayor Heartwell answered citizen questions about city issues on Monday evening, with concerns ranging from maintaining city streets to parking cost increases to development inclusivity.

Mayor answers citizen questions about our homeless population on City Connection

by The Rapidian

In this month's edition of the live show where our mayor answers citizen questions, a Rapidian asked the mayor about the city's plans to assist our homeless population as downtown continues to grow.

Connect to the City of Grand Rapids government through social media

by Nicole Merte

If you want to learn more about the city government, you could check your feed on Twitter or Facebook or watch a City Commission meeting online.

Meet Brian Ellis: Running for Republican Congressional seat

by Nicole Merte

Brian Ellis from Grand Rapids was encouraged to run based on disagreeing with Justin Amash's voting record and explains how he would do things differently.

City officials take voluntary pay cuts

by Nicole Merte

The City of Grand Rapids quarterly Transformation Update reveals a variety of ways local government has cut costs.

Grand Rapids leaders launch Yes! GR Parks campaign

by Nicole Merte

Community leaders have introduced a proposal of a new property tax to increase funds for city parks that will appear on the ballot November 5.

Downtown Development Authority approves parklet amendment

by Ana Olvera

The Downtown Development Authority has approved an amendment to the Streetscape Improvement Incentive Program as a first step to the creation of parklets in Downtown Grand Rapids.

Future careers for kids explored on City Connection


The future job market for the next generation in GR could hold more options than you think. Commissioner James White goes into detail from this last episode of City Connection.

Commissioner White answers citizen questions on City Connection


Rapidian staff and politics beat member Renato Delos Reyes poses a question about repairing city damage from flooding. City Commissioner White sat in for Mayor Heartwell

Local labor unions explain possible effects of Right to Work legislation

by Kristin Schmitt

Local unions discuss the effects of the new Right-To-Work Law.

City searches for qualified Comptroller

by Kristin Schmitt

Comptroller: What is it, who qualifies, and what is the City looking for in their search for a new one?

Grand Rapidians rally around cause of immigration reform

by Jennifer Voss

West Michigan Coalition for Immigration Reform aims to bring awareness to the community at large about the realities and difficulties immigrants face and why reform is needed.

City Charter to 'decriminalize GR' hits another delay

by Steven Davison

City Manager Greg Sundstrom has delayed the Charter amendment to decriminalize marijuana in Grand Rapids.

Mayor answers citizen concerns on monthly "City Connection"

by Holly Bechiri

Got a question for Mayor Heartwell? Ask it tonight! Every month, local citizens have an opportunity to interact with Grand Rapid's most prominent elected official.

Protesters gather in opposition of Kent County prosecutor's lawsuit

by Renato Delos Reyes

Protesters gather in opposition of Prosecutor Bill Forsyth's lawsuit blocking the implementation of new City Charter Amendment